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Babette Donaldson

Babette Donaldson is the current owner and publisher of this website, T Ching. She acquired it from the original creators, Michelle Rabin and Sandy Bushberg in 2019. 

“I have always appreciated the resource that T Ching has provided to our commuity of sippers and enthusiasts. The 3000+ articles archived here are not only one of the most readily available and diverse tea information websites, T Ching also preserves our tea history.”

No stranger to publishing and tea education, Donaldson is also the founder of the International Tea Sippers Society and author of The Everything Healthy Tea Book and The Emma Lea Books began her adventure with “real” tea as a graduate art student in San Francisco during the 70’s with a focus on ceramic art. Studying the history and elegance of ancient tea ware inspired curiosity for the beverage and worldwide cultures that celebrate it ceremonially. 

Sip For Peace

Worldwide tea cultures inspired her favorite project, “Sip for Peace” for which she earned Best Consumer-Oriented Marketing Campaign at 2019’s World Tea Expo. But more importantly, this project was Donaldson’s dream of introducing some new or little-known countries that grow tea and share in our worldwide culture of tea. 

“At the core, Sip for Peace is a project where we use our tea experiences to visualize a world without war. Why Tea? Because the culture of tea…the essence of tea is a peace. It is when we can find our own personal peace and share it that we can reach out further to share this with the entire world.” 

Babette Donaldson wins World Tea Expo award for "Best Campaign" for Sip for Peace

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Babette Donaldson from “Month Of Tea” series of thirty-one videos on various methods of brewing tea. 

“Sip For Peace 2018 – Day #1”