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Tea is comforting

Drinking tea brings me comfort. The comfort stems from my memories of when I fell in love with tea. I fell in love with Japanese green teas when I lived for a year in Japan after college. Each day I faced language and cultural…

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Two styles of white tea

I hated my first white tea experience. It was a Lipton white tea blend in a tea bag and it put me off of white tea for years. Then I had real white tea: Silver Needle. Made with tea buds, Sliver Needle tea brews a rich delicate liquid…

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Pu’erh tea in the morning

Are you looking for a healthy morning coffee substitute? My customer, Kevin, substituted a 20-year-old pu’erh tea for his morning coffee. Each morning he brews two strong cups and meditates for 30 minutes. The tea gives…

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The art of reading the tea leaf

Tasseography or tassology is a fortune-telling method that involves interpreting tea leaves. “Tasse” is from the Arabic root word for “cup” and “graphy” means “map.” The cup serves as a map, and the tea leaves are interpreted…

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Passion Project

Tea Quotes