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In memory of 9/11

We at T Ching think it is important today for all of us (around the world) to stop and take a moment to reflect on 9/11. We believe it important to remember those that were directly involved in that catastrophic event as well as...

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Welcome to T Ching

Welcome to T Ching. We are very excited about the enthusiasm and interest that has been generated by our new online presence. We’ve got lots of unique and innovative ideas that we’ll be sharing with you over the next few...

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Tea and Design

We have received a number of questions from people asking why design is part of our tagline. “What does design have to do with tea?” We thought we would share our perspective on that.Tea has over a 4,000 year history...

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About Us

About T Ching More than 3500 tea-themed posts. Use our Search Tool in the sidebar to discover your favorites among our popular categories: Tea Basics & Tips  Cooking With Tea  Health & WellBeing Tea Party Planning Op-Ed ...

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