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Saw Lu Yu Off To Pick Tea

Thousand mountains greeted my departing friendWhen spring tea blossoming againWith indepth knowledge in picking teaThrough morning mist or red evening cloudsHis solitary journey is my envyRendezvous in a temple of a remote...

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From what enchanted Eden came thy leavesThat hide such subtle spirits of perfume?Did eyes preadamite first see the bloom,Luscious Nepenthe of the soul that grieves?~ Francis S. Saltus, 19th century

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The Santa Fe Opera’s Festival of Tea

James Norwood Pratt, one of the world’s best known authorities on tea and tea lore and a regular contributor to T Ching, has joined forces with The Santa Fe Opera in staging a Festival of Tea this summer in Santa Fe. “This...

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2020 International Virtual Tea Festival

Ad for the 2020 International Virtual Tea Festival

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