Author: Ryan MacMichael

My tea story

When I meet someone who’s “into tea,” it is enlightening to find out exactly how their journey with tea got them to where they are now. How did they get from Lipton to a fine Bi Luo Chun? When did they transition…

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Gandhi and tea

When one thinks of Mahatma Gandhi, peace comes to mind. When one thinks of drinking tea, a calming effect often comes to mind. So, clearly, Gandhi must have been a strong proponent of tea drinking…

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Tea haiku

Tea and poetry have an inextricable link. The mere process of drinking a cup of tea invites quiet contemplation which, in turn, provides the proper mental terroir for self-expression, like poetry. As a result, there’s…

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2023 U.S. Tea Festivals

TeaFest PDX - July 15

Pennsylvania Tea Fest  Sept 22-23

Northwest Tea Fest -  Sept 23-24

Midwest Tea Fest -  Oct 21-23

Nevada Tea Festival - Oct.28