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Learning about tea

I’ll admit something; until a few years ago, I didn’t know what tea was.  When I was around three years old, I thought it was a type of coffee.  By the time I was five, I thought it was a powder you mix into water.  Sure, it can...

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Winter tea tastes

One of my favorite pastimes is to try different types of tea.  Recently, I discovered a set of tea bags in winter flavors.  The boxes advertised four types – Ginger Snappish, Pumpkin Spice, Eggnogg’n, and Apple...

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The joys of a travel mug

Think about it: you have spent time carefully steeping a pot of loose-leaf tea until it tastes perfect.  Your cup of tea is poured, and then your Blackberry alarm starts beeping.  You have forgotten that you have a doctor’s...

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Art and tea

Art.  Tea.  Is there a connection?  Surely tea is an art, especially when one looks at the elaborate traditional tea rituals some cultures have.  But can art relate to tea?  Most definitely.Most people are familiar with some of...

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