Author: Regena Rafelson

sand castles and tea

Sand castles. Remember going to the beach, digging in the sand all day, building something like a castle with a moat around the perimeter? Coming home with sand-filled shoes, sand-filled bathing suit, and sand in your ears?...

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a ballad of shen nung

Editor’s note: Today’s poetry post is a bit different than usual. It will take a little musical knowledge and know-how to make it work. The always talented and lyrical Regena Rafelson has come up with an original...

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how do i love tea?

How do I love tea? Let me count the waysI love tea to the depth and breadth and height My taste buds reach: subtle greens; sweet, sweet white; Or the mellow Oolong, Darjeeling’s grace.I love tea, to the level of each...

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