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Making tea work at work

Having recently returned to the corporate world after a wonderful two-year sabbatical, my biggest dilemma has been how to brew tea at work.  Simple, you say: heat some water, get one of those neat little cups with its own...

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Slow beverage

I’ve been reading some articles recently about how “modern conveniences” – everything from packaged foods to cameras to social networking – have made people lose touch with actual experiences in...

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Writer’s block

I can’t think of anything to write.  All my ideas seem trite and boring.  Possibly it’s because I have a cold and the congestion is clogging up my brain.  I’ve been drinking gallons of tea to try to loosen...

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Stand up for tea

Why did the people who were protesting excessive spending with tax-day “tea parties” pick tea as their symbol?  Clearly, it was an effort to hearken back to the Boston Tea Party, a protest by colonists against taxation without...

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