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I was talking to a friend of mine recently who told me a sad story about a couple she knew.  They had both just retired and built a dream house on a lake, which they planned to live in and enjoy for many years to come.  Sadly, a...

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The best gift of all

When my mom came to visit over the holidays and try out a place to live in Austin, I lent her my coffeemaker to keep in her apartment.  Needless to say, it really only gets used when she visits, so it was an easy thing to do. ...

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All the tea in China

Recently, I got the chance to visit Xiamen, China, on a business trip.  I was very excited because I looked forward to trying some more tea.  When my colleagues asked me what I wanted to do after work, my answer was simply...

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The comfort of tea

A couple of weeks ago, I got one of those calls that no one wants to get – my mother had fallen and broken her hip.  Thanks to an understanding boss and a nice airline, I was able to get from Texas to New Jersey the next...

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