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Mom’s silverplate and tea parties

My Mom recently moved into a smaller place, so my sister and I have been helping her to downsize her household. Although my Mom has been enjoying her new living situation, this has been a stressful and somewhat depressing time for all of us. It’s hard to go through…

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Hidden gem

On a recent trip to California, I decided to stop in Santa Cruz and enjoy the sea air for the afternoon. After some time wandering about on the cliff paths and taking photos of the wildflowers, I headed into town to check out a new tea shop…

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Tea talk

I love talking about tea – almost as much as I enjoy drinking it. I started a new job recently, and as I get to know people, I find myself sharing stories, tips, and places related to drinking or buying tea. I’m always drinking tea…

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Oolong surprise

One of my favorite places to go in San Francisco is Red Blossom Tea in Chinatown. They have an extensive selection of green, oolong, puerh, black, and white teas, all carefully selected and presented…

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Passion Project

Tea Quotes