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Tea, just tea

In last month’s post, I wrote about the joys of sharing tea with friends at the perfect tea party. One of the comments on the post remarked that so often when people discuss tea, they talk about what to eat with the tea…

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Party on, tea people!

The other day, I was on a leading coffee and tea retailer’s web site, and I noticed they had a blog post titled, “How to Host the Perfect Tea Party.” They had some good suggestions on various menu items, like scones, biscotti…

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Reading with tea

Although the calendar says it’s autumn, the temperatures here in Austin don’t really reflect that yet. I suppose high 80’s instead of mid-90’s is an improvement, but we’re still waiting for the beautiful crisp fall days that many other parts…

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Le The en Paris – Part Deux

On my latest trip to Paris, I discovered another great tea place – Kusmi Tea. I had been following them for awhile on Twitter (@KusmiTea), so I was curious to visit their shop and try their teas. I went to their shop on rue Danielle Casanova…

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Le The en Paris

On a recent trip to Paris, I had a list of salons de the and patisseries that I wanted to visit. Some I had been to before, and considered old friends. Others were new discoveries or recommendations from friends that I wanted…

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Passion Project

Tea Quotes