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In defense of flavored tea

As I’ve become more knowledgeable about tea, and have learned to enjoy the subtleties of “natural” tea, I do still find a place in my tea cabinet for flavored or scented teas.

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In a tea rut

Recently, I’ve found myself in a tea rut. Every morning before work, I make myself a pot of the Georgian Village black tea I love from Tea Embassy, pour most of it into my travel mug, and drink the rest while I finish getting ready…

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Tea in a coffee world

On a business trip recently, I went with my colleagues to a fantastic little coffee shop in Silicon Valley called Chromatic Coffee. My colleagues were very excited about the way they grind, brew, and pour the coffee…

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The Earl and me

I have to admit it: I’m not a big Earl Grey tea fan. Although it is one of the most popular blends in the world, I’ve never really warmed up to it. I do have some good memories…

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