Author: Joanna DeRungs


TimeEnergyAttentionThese are the elements of TEA.Time to sit quietly;Energy to boil and brew;Attention to the aroma and flavor.TimeEnergyAttentionWhere in life do we find these gifts?Time to listen to someone;Energy in our...

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The yin of tea

Where is my Yin?Was it left in the tin,Along with the teaSo much needed by me?I feel the need for a change.The Yang of this life,The stress and the strife,The fire and action,The expression of passion;When will it ever end?When...

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Just tea

Just give me tea,Clear beautiful tea,In all of its amber simplicity.Please pour me some tea.Just plain, you see.Add nothing, not even philosophy.I have come for a cup,To cheer me up,Nothing more do I require.Let me just sip.I...

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