Author: Erika Cilengir

Redemption: Matcha Box

When asked, we can all recall stories of redemption – some famous, some personal. They can inspire us and restore our faith in human nature. And they can open up new opportunities we might otherwise have foregone…

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A Disappointment and a Consolation

As much as I enjoy trying a new tea spot, sometimes a return to the familiar is even better. All week I had looked forward to dropping by Matcha Box, the first tea bar in Los Angeles devoted exclusively to matcha. I am still missing…

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Why Not Splash a Bit of Tea Behind Your Ears?

Artisanal teas are one of those bandwagons that just keeps getting bigger and better every year, so it should come as no surprise that the legions of admirers climbing on board are growing too. As often happens with…

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A Bright Spot for Tea in the High Plains States

The high plains states of Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wyoming are studies in extremes. Juxtaposed with the snow-patched peaks of Glacier National Park are the sad, colorless towns of northeast Montana.

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