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Dim Sum and Jasmine Green

My childhood experience with tea in Long Island, NY in the 1960’s and 70’s seems a long way off. At first it was medicine, when a Red Rose or Tetley tea bag was steeped with honey as Mom’s remedy for a sore throat. It was never...

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Tossing Out the Strainers

We have all been learning of the optimal way to brew the perfect cup of tea. But if sharing a pot of tea with friends or family and expanding the potential to add some entertaining ritual is on your agenda consider tossing out...

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Getting Attention in a Crowd

I’ve just returned from the 2007 World Tea Expo held in Atlanta, Georgia. There, I was exhibiting my custom lighting, especially for tea rooms and tea businesses, as well as introducing a line of tea-themed note cards.Spending...

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Judging a Book by its Cover

The introduction of tea into the machine of American (and perhaps global) marketing is here. I recently had opportunity to ponder the influence of good design on the marketing of tea and tea related products. Participating in...

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Teaware Collections

Developing heightened appreciations can be a wonderful albeit dangerous journey. Surrounding oneself with newly awakened pleasures can lead to generating all manner of collections which can get out of control. When it comes to...

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