Author: Derek Chew

Lost in translation – Three tea names that should not be translated

Translating is hard work, particularly when the translation is from an eastern to a western language (or vice versa), where grammar, structure, vocabulary, and usage are totally different…

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Pillar of tea research: Mr. Zhang Tianfu

If you ask students of Chinese tea to name who they regard as the most influential person in the tea industry, one of the names that turns up most frequently is likely to be Mr. Zhang Tianfu (张天福), commonly known as The Pillar of Tea Research (茶学界泰斗)

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The classics of tea: the modern tea sage, Wu Jue Nong

“If Lu Yu was the God of Tea, I think it would not be an exaggeration to say Mr. Wu Jue Nong is the modern tea sage” – Lu Ding Yi, Former Deputy Vice Premier of China

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