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Tea as story-telling lubricant

My sister and I still call her Nana.Our grandmother will be 90 next month.  Although sharp as a tack, she’s nearly blind, mostly deaf, and her knees don’t work very well after a lifetime of dancing and golfing.  She...

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Tea and…competence?

It’s so easy to assess others based on little clues.  Do you look down on people who make tea using a microwave, or use their tea bag a second time?  These are verboten in the tea purist’s world, but most people do these things...

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The oil of Grey

Please accept my apologies for the pun.  It was irresistible.I was exposed to Earl Grey tea at about age 10 by a grandmother who had received a tea sampler gift box.  Although at that time I preferred jasmine tea, as a college...

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