Author: Brenna Ciummo

Iced tea vs. hot tea: which is better on a hot day?

We’ve nearly reached the peak of the summer, and it is hot in most places around the country, even here in the Pacific Northwest. With there being no sign of the temperatures

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What’s the best way to brew? A comparison of tea infusers

If you love loose leaf tea, it can be hard to find and figure out what tools to use when brewing your tea. For instance, if you try Googling “tea infusers,” you wind up with about 484,000 search results and a mind-boggling array of different choices.

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The “green” tea leaf: how to reuse, reduce, and recycle tea!

If you are like many tea drinkers, you may have a hard time tossing your precious tea leaves after just one steep. This leads to the question – is it okay to steep my teas leaves again?

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