Author: Anne Lerch

The Spilled Milk Rebellion

The following story is true, I swear. Those of you who like milk in your tea may appreciate it.Although I grew up in the suburbs of northern California, for weird reasons I spent my 10th grade year – 5th form, for you...

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Are You, or Aren’t You?

“Come out, come out, wherever you areAll you bright tea nerds who fell from a star”Many are the parallels between tea and wine culture, but after browsing the T Ching Tasting posts in the Archive, I am thinking that the tea...

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Let Me Count the Ways

Take any one thing in the world, and somebody, somewhere, loves it to the point of collecting it, studying it, obsessing over it, and/or visiting places associated with it. Cars, trees, mangoes, glass figurines, throat-singing,...

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