2017 Winner

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What is T Ching? 

The T Ching website is a tea information and education blog that has published articles written by more than 100 writers five times per week for fourteen years. It has been nominated for World Tea Expo awards more than once and was chosen as the tea industry’s “Best Blog” in 2017.

Starting in the early years of U.S. interest in specialty tea and health, founders Michelle Rabin and Sandy Bushburg engaged the best known and most proficient writers and teachers in the tea industry. Articles by James Norwood Pratt, Dan Robertson, Pearl Dexter, Donna Fellman, Brian Keating and more are archived on the site and occasionally republished. 

Mission Statement – Tea & Health

We at T Ching are dedicated to encouraging health by providing people with a much healthier and enjoyable alternative: TEA. We are committed to spreading the word about tea by educating consumers about its myriad health benefits as well as all aspects of the world of tea. 

We want people to see that not only can drinking tea improve their health in so many different ways, but it can also bring great pleasure and enjoyment into their lives.

We do believe that regular exercise, stress reduction, and a healthy diet are important parts of a complete lifestyle that will produce optimal health benefits. If, however, you are only willing to add one small change to your life, we think that should be TEA. With stress clearly identified as a contributing factor to both the onset and severity of many diseases, developing a tea practice and expanding a tea lifestyle can be a huge benefit to everyone. 

Fun With Tea 

In addition to tea being healthy and a tool to reduce life’s stressors, tea can also be fun. More than just playtime for children or gatherings for older women, tea actually connects the world with history and culture. Exploring this is FUN!

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Acknowledging and Supporting Writers 

As James Norwood Pratt taught most of us with his early books on specialty tea, “We will always be students of tea. It is a lifetime pursuit.” And, indeed, many of these dedicated students bring a richness to our own understanding of tea by generously publishing their articles with us on T Ching as a completely open platform. We are all dedicated to expanding the understanding of and enjoyment of tea. It is T Ching’s privilege to support them.  

Supporting Tea Businesses

We genuinely hope that our readers are inspired to contact their local teashop or explore online tea sellers as they expand their own private world of tea. 

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