The concept of giving presents has existed in all ages of people and scenarios for ages. Whether you want to give a gift to a friend, colleague, or family member, tea is perfect for any occasion. It is quite a beautiful way of showing someone gratitude or giving it as a celebration or just a way to show your caring side.

Why Choose Tea for Corporate Gifts?

Everyone loves a different flavor and type of tea, and gifts can be very simple or a more sophisticated corporate gift. A corporate gift is a great way to connect with employees, co-workers, and clients. The corporate year may be filled with many different gift-giving occasions such as birthdays, festivals, service and loyalty awards for employees and business partners, “job well-done” presents, weddings, maternity leave, retirement, and much more. Corporate gifts could be an edible treat, personalized item, E-Gift cards, or experience. However, tea makes a perfect choice as a corporate gift as everyone likes it. 

“The manner of giving is worth more than the gift.”    Pierre Corneille

This quote is absolutely true when it comes to presenting a corporate gift as a personalized and handpicked holds more value than a bland item with no meaning. Your manner and choice of the gift show your delicate taste and caring side. For such purposes, you can find a brand that makes a hand-assembled tea set with personalized labels and engraving of the company logo on the box as a corporate gift. Otherwise, you can choose your favorite teas and make a box.

Do-It-Yourself Gifts of Tea

Here are some ideas for making it yourself.

➔ First, choose the kind of tea, such as herbal, floral, green tea, black tea, etc.
➔ Next, whether you want tea bags, a small packet, medium packed loose-leaf, or a small jar of tea leaves.
➔ After tea selection, you need to add stylish tea accessories such as a customized mug,
maybe a brewing mug, tea infuser, or teaspoon. Be creative with your selection and only
choose the best and most relevant piece.
➔ Choose a box or package material, recyclable organic box, or wooden box. Make sure to
get the most beautiful packaging stuff. Get it customized with the name of the person or
company logo on it.
➔ Lastly, assemble all of the stuff. Make sure to pack all of it properly and add some extra stuff to make the packaging more aesthetic.
The more attractive you make a corporate gift for any occasion, the longer it will leave an impression on people. Moreover, it will sincerely show appreciation because a hand-assembled gift can never go wrong, and choosing tea is always best.

If you are considering tea as a corporate gift, please get in touch with me at
Japanese Green Tea Co. for more personalized suggestions.

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