Boiling Point, adjacent to JIN The Tea Shop, are two businesses located on Old Town Pasadena’s one-way Green Street, directly south and parallel to the famous Colorado Boulevard.

Jin Tea Shop sign on the outside of the building

Established in 2004, Boiling Point prides itself as a Taiwanese hot pot specialist and the creator of the original “mini wok on a box.”  JIN Tea fills teas in reusable cylinders; their signature drinks include Day & Night Milk Tea made with activated charcoal organic milk and Oriental Beauty oolong, and Love Potion flavored by passion fruit juice and butterfly pea flower tea.  More funky concoctions.  Tourists who know nothing about these two businesses sense their connection nevertheless.  In reality JIN Tea stemmed from Boiling Point’s popularity – the proprietor likely jumped on the bubble tea bandwagon.  Today, however, JIN Tea has only two locations, both in Southern California (where competition could not be more fierce), while Boiling Point operates 22, Tokyo’s being the only one outside North America.

Teas in acrylic display boxes on a wall
Assortment of tea jars and cups arranged on a table

A luxury skincare brand manufactured entirely in Japan, Tatcha offers two teas. Which two?  Your guess?  Matcha?  Gyokuro?  The first tea, The Calming Tea, blends chamomile, lavender, lemongrass, and peppermint.  Japanese green tea did not come into play until the introduction of The Clarity Tea, which seemed to have been made available after The Calming Tea became out of stock.

Does Tiffany & Co. still carry its Color Block collection consisting of two bone china mugs and No. 727 Tiffany Tea?  The $270 collection is no longer available.  The mugs ($85 each) and the tea ($150) can be purchased separately.  Re-creating the collection today costs $50 more?  Let’s not blame inflation.

Box of Tatcha Calming Tea

Photo of arrangement of tea jars and cups provided by Andrea Yeh and used with permission

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