Matcha tea is one of the most lovely and tasty teas that you can buy. This beautifully bright green tea is made through a special process that allows the tea leaves to grow in the shade, which ensures that the tea plants grow slowly. This preserves their bright and beautiful color and adds to the flavor profile of this delightful tea.

Matcha is one of the most prized teas that comes from Japan and a favorite for use in many kinds of recipes. If you have always loved Match tea, you might not realize that it can be added to your favorite soft serve to make the most delightful treat you have ever experienced!

Matcha Tea is Very Healthy

Matcha tea is one of the healthiest teas that you can buy. This is because it contains high levels of a catechin called EGCG that offers cancer-fighting benefits as well as skin-brightening and stomach health benefits. You will also enjoy protection from heart disease and diabetes when you add matcha to your daily routine as well.

One of the reasons matcha tea is healthy has to do with how it is processed. Any blend of tea that is harvested when the leaves are very young will be full of all the health benefits that can be offered by the tea plant itself.

Matcha in a bowl next to a tin

Even if you don’t enjoy the tea itself, there are many ways that you can add Matcha to your diet. Matcha soft serve is a favorite, as this delightful tea creates a delicate and herbal flavoring that is just wonderful when added to traditional soft serve recipes. Soft serve can get a little boring, but adding some yummy Matcha makes it the perfect blend of sweet and spunky to make your tastebuds happy!

How is Matcha Made?

Matcha is made with the young leaves of a tea plant that have been ground into a bright green, soft powder. This powder contains all of the benefits of the plant and is not oxidized like black teas or even white teas can be. This powder is the base for your Matcha tea, providing you with a really unique flavor profile and a smooth cup of tea that you cannot get from other tea blends.

Prepared cup of matcha next to powder in a bowl

To make Matcha tea, add the powder to hot water and mix gently. The powder blends with the hot water to make a smooth and slightly creamy tea mix that is very light and very refreshing. 

Matcha tea is known for its unique flavor and health benefits as well as for its bright green color. This is a very unique tea that is considered to be a bit of a delicacy in Japan. Being able to drink Matcha tea at home offers you the chance to indulge in this delightful variety of tea that has been used for centuries for good health and enjoyment with family and friends.

How to Make Matcha Soft Serve

You will only need a few ingredients to make this delightful treat and you will be so glad that you took the time to learn to make this recipe! Add some fruit at the end of the recipe if you want a bit of sweetness in your soft serve, or enjoy the recipe just the way that it is! This is a treat that everyone will love and you will never get tired of making it for family and friends!

This yummy recipe will make a healthy and crisp summer treat that is full of all the goodness of your favorite tea. You will never have to eat boring soft serve again when you use this recipe to make your favorite ice cream with your favorite tea.

Make sure that you get the best quality Matcha for your recipe and your tea drinking. Buying the real thing will have a big impact on your overall enjoyment of your Matcha whether you are drinking it as a tea or cooking with it and making this yummy recipe. Matcha is sometimes imitated but never successfully, and you should always be sure to get a quality Matcha for your needs.

What You Will Need

  • 5 level teaspoons of matcha
  • 2 cups of whipping cream
  • 1 can (300 ml) of sweetened condensed milk
Matcha soft serve in a dish

To Make Your Yummy Matcha Soft Serve

  1. Mix Matcha and ½ cup of the whipping cream. Stir until well combined and the color is even.
  2. In a large bowl, whip the remainder of the whipping cream until you get soft peaks to form.
  3. Add the matcha and cream mixture to the whipped cream and mix until stiff peaks form. You might have to whip for a little bit to get the mixture to firm up this much.
  4. Fold in your condensed milk but do not overmix.
  5. Cover the bowl with plastic wrap and freeze for about 4-6 hours. It is best to leave overnight.
  6. Enjoy!

Enjoying Matcha is an Experience

Matcha tea is thought of as a very high-quality and special tea in Japan, and making Matcha soft serve elevates your soft serve experience to one that will delight the senses. You will love the bright and vibrant color of your ice cream treat and gaining all of the benefits of a cup of Matcha tea from your dessert is a wonderful additional benefit.

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