Plus 10 Green Tea Light Candle Finds on Amazon

Lighting scented candles is relaxing but a bit messy when it’s time to clean the bedroom table or the centerpiece on the table. In addition, candle wax melts, and sometimes ordinary scented candles are too tall or too short so your relaxation time is cut short. Tea light candles are the solution to these struggles for optimal relaxation and pleasant aromas.

What are Tea Light Candles?

Tea light candles are small and lightweight, and encased in small metal casings to prevent dripping. When lit, the candle is safely ensconced in the casing so it can melt and diffuse aromatic scented oils without making a mess. Some of these candles can even be set afloat on the water for a spa effect. Having green-colored tea light candles brings a forest or nature ambiance. Relax and re-energize with these calming and aesthetic tea light candles.

Pile of green tea light candles

IKEA SINNLIG Scented Tealight

This set of 30 tea light candles releases an apple scent in warm candlelight. The only con is they don’t float on the water. All the same, if you want a scented room these candles will be a lovely option. (See on Amazon.)

Glittery LED tea light candles

Furora LIGHTING LED Green Tea Lights

If you worry about house safety and want to fall asleep while the candles are on, these tea light candles are flameless as these are battery-operated LED lights. One of the features is the candles have a 6/18 timer where these are on for 6 hours and off for 18 hours. Unfortunately, they are not scented, but they can fit on most candle holders and centerpieces. (See on Amazon.)

LED tea light candles

HL 24pcs Underwater LED Green Waterproof Flameless Candle Tealights

Have a festive space with a pool? These tea light candles can add elegance to your event. 100% waterproof and submersible, these flameless candles will surely delight your evening. The store has a 30-day money-back guarantee and online service. (See on Amazon.)

Pile of tea light candles

CandleNScent Green Scented Holiday Candles Tea Light

The fresh balsam pine scent of these candles will surely make you feel clean and perfect for the cold weather. These 12 tea light candles can last up to 4 hours with the lingering essential oil fragrance. (See on Amazon.)

Tea light candles shaped like succulents or cactuses

Outee Handmade Delicate Succulent Cactus Tea Light Candles

Give your loved ones a gift of nice décor and lovely scent with these 12 cactus tea light candles. Environmentally friendly and are made of premium paraffin wax material so the candle will burn longer and not drip. Perfect as a gift (perhaps for a succulent-lover) or as décor for events. (See on Amazon.)

Product photo of scented tea light candles

CocoSoy Candles, Scented Organic Tealight Candles

Create a more natural ambiance with these 12 tealight candles made of organic coconut soy wax. The essential oils are from flower and plant extracts mixed with natural fragrance oils. The scent will surely make you relax and have a stress-free time. (See on Amazon.)

Tea light candles with clear plastic casings

Calm life Soy Wax Tealight Candles

Enjoy the vanilla scent with minimal smoke by placing these tea light candles inside your living room, dining room, or bathroom. You can place these on different decoration settings with the clear tea light casing. Have the warmth and nice-smelling scent for 4-5 hours, and you will have a good time bonding with your family and friends in the living room or over delicious meals at the dining table. (See on Amazon.)

Heart-shaped tea light candles in tins with lids

DEYBBY Vanilla Aromatherapy Tea Light Candles

These 6 green tea light candles will be your perfect scented candles for longer-lasting uses such as for your meditation, yoga, and stress relief. They are made of natural soy wax and can last up to 6 hours, and the vanilla aromatherapy scent will calm you and rest your mind a bit; whether it’s before going to work or before you sleep. (See on Amazon.)

Tea light candles shaped like shamrocks with ladybugs on them

TURNMEON St. Patrick’s Day Shamrocks Tealight Candles

These 12 tea light candles in a green clover shape with ladybird are suitable for many occasions, but especially St. Patrick’s Day. These do not release black smoke or a pungent smell. These cute candles are good pieces for a centerpiece or as a gift to loved ones. (See on Amazon.)

Box of heart-shaped tea light candles

Creationtop Scented Candles Tea Lights Mini Hearts

Hearts are not exclusively red to look good. These 50 lovely mini green tea lights exude a bergamot citrus fragrance that is eco-friendly and non-toxic. The burning time lasts up to 20 hours for the whole box. Because of the bergamot scent, this set might be most suitable for the bathroom or spa. (See on Amazon.)

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