June Crossword Challenge:

One-Liners from Tea Writers

This month’s crossword puzzle shares some lines from tea writers; some from our past and others newly published. But each of them share a remarkable love of tea and the desire to inspire your exploration of Camellia sinensis. As some would say, if it becomes an interest, it can lead to a lifetime of discovery.

Options to Solve the Tea Crossword:

  • You can work the puzzle digitally, on this page, filling in the letters on this page. 
  • You can go to the full-page URL and solve online.
  • You can download the blank, unsolved PDF to accept the challenge old-school.
  • You can print the puzzle and use the live links on some of the answers to read more about the subject.

Word List

Note: All the answers are included on this list to help you enjoy this challenging puzzle. But, we’ve added another wrinkle this month and added some “extra” words below. You won’t need to use all of them! But, in researching some of them, you may learn something new and interesting about tea. 

  • treasure
  • China
  • opportunity
  • Yunnan
  • steeped
  • mythical
  • activism
  • nourished
  • spirit
  • sensory
  • twisted
  • Eisai
  • humanity
  • healers
  • passion
  • wild
  • equipment
  • truth
  • nutrients
  • global

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