Guest Contribution by Indiana Lee

A lot of people enjoy the occasional cup of tea. But when you’re enthusiastic about it — perhaps considering yourself a connoisseur — you might be looking for ways to enhance your experience. Exploring different flavors is great and researching the cultural aspects of tea can also be fascinating. But if you have a little spare space in your home, you can take things to the next level. You can create your own tea room.

This can become a space that embodies your love of all aspects of tea. You’ll also find it can be a valuable spot for you and your friends to relax in. This doesn’t mean you have to go out and break the bank by splurging on a decadent tea parlor. You can achieve a lot with a little focus and flare. 

Let’s look at some of the key considerations that go into creating the perfect tea room at home.

A glimpse into a decorated room with chairs and a table with flowers.

Perform a Little Research

Before you dive into creating your tea room, it’s worth doing some research first. This doesn’t mean you’ll be copying a room directly. After all, this is a personal space: It should reflect your needs and personality. However, there’s a rich tradition of tea rooms you can look to for some inspiration.

It can be helpful to start from a historical perspective. No matter what specific geographical or cultural heritage your tea enthusiasm is focused on, there is a range of settings in which taking tea was held. Certainly, this can suggest specific decorative elements or layout choices. However, the deeper you go into the cultural history of tea rooms, the more likely you are to find unexpected elements that can feed into your direction. For instance, including aspects inspired by the Massachusetts tea rooms from the late 19th and early 20th centuries can be a nod to their place in the history of feminist activism.

Choose Your Tea Room Theme

Choosing a theme for your tea room can be a useful way to direct your decor choices. You can really go as full-on with your theme as you like. You can be obsessive in making sure the colors, light fixtures, and furnishings perfectly align with the theme. Alternatively, you can just use it as a rough guide to the general idea you’re aiming for. 

Some approaches here can include:

Choosing a genre

A genre-based theme tends to be the most popular approach. It’s also a practical way to go, as there are various decorative touch-points we’re all familiar with that you can home in on. For instance, you could go with gothic horror by using Victorian decor, dark drapery, and candle sconces. Even a sci-fi tea room with technological touches can be a fun option. 

Picking a style

You don’t have to be extreme with your theme choices. You can simply opt for a specific style to inform your direction. For instance, you can create a “glam” room that suggests luxury but achieves the aesthetics on a budget. This could include marble contact paper on countertops or upcycling used furniture with decadent-looking hardware. Your style choice could also be based on architectural periods or geographical locations.

Decorate for Atmosphere

The environment in which you serve tea is considered to affect its quality. This certainly has some literal impact, in terms of humidity and the tea’s exposure to light. But this could also be considered from an atmospheric perspective. So much of the way we enjoy tea is based on the entire experience surrounding the actual drinking of it. As such, creating the perfect home tea room should include some atmospheric considerations.

The paint or wallpaper in your tea room can be a big influencing factor here. Colors, shades, and patterns are among the aspects that can affect how stimulating the environment is. Particularly if you have family members or guests living with sensitivity to such stimuli, it can be wise to select calming and neutral hues. Lighting is an important element, too. By maximizing the natural light in your tea room, you can establish an atmosphere of positivity and wellness.

Select Your Service

The final touch to your home tea room is your tea service. After all, while the decorations set the atmosphere, the service will be the focal point of your activities. It may be the case that you already have a tea service or one passed down through generations of your family. It may be a good idea to plan your room design choices to connect with the style of the service.

Alternatively, you could choose a service in keeping with the cultural touchpoints of the room. If the design is spiritual, you may want to pick a Japanese tea set appropriate for the type of tea rituals you intend to hold in your tea room. If your decorations have Arabic influences, a service with tinted glass and copper colors could be in keeping with the theme.

Some teacups and saucers on a table next to a mirror and candles.

However, this doesn’t mean to say the right tea set for your new tea room has to be an exact match. Having an entirely incongruous tea set can make for a striking centerpiece. It provides contrast and an additional spark of unique personality. The important thing is to select a service most appropriate for the type and quality of tea you want to serve.


If you have some spare space in your home, creating your own tea room can be a great project. It’s worth doing a little research before you get started, to establish some potential concepts and influences. Designing with a theme and target atmosphere in mind can also mean your room has a positive impact. Once completed, finding the right tea service for your room can be the perfect crowning touch.

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