Plus Top Fukusa Finds on Amazon

During the Japanese tea ceremony, we often see the host using and folding a squared cloth to clean the tea caddy (Natsume) and other tea tools. After that, the host will wrap the fabric and begin making tea. This cloth is called the Fukusa(帛紗). Its color and design might be based on the type of tea ceremony, tea preparation skill, age, and gender.

If you want to bring the tea ceremony experience to your home, you can conveniently order Fukusa on Amazon. Here are the Fukusa items we found for you.

Orange fukusa and its box

Fukusa Japanese Tea Ceremony Orange No 6

With good reviews, this medium-weighted silk cloth works well for novices to veterans in tea preparation ceremonies. In addition, the box is nice to show when you are about to clean the tea tools. (See on Amazon.)

Reversible fukusa made from traditional Japanese fabric

Honjien Furoshiki Traditional Japanese Fabric – Wrapping Cloth

Plum blossoms represent hope and have a vital life force. This reversible fabric design is suited for tea ceremonies, and this Fukusa is made with the Furoshiki Isa Monyo pattern created by Kunio Isa, an influential stencil artist. His designs are preserved in the Isa Monyo Research Institute, established in the 1940s. Until recently, his designs have been used as works of art. (See on Amazon.)

Purple fukusa in clear case

Maruay gold seal Fukusa NO.20

Not actually gold in color, but a dark purple Japanese cloth stored in a foldable board of the same color and sealed in a clear plastic case. A lovely modern fukusa to use for many kinds of tea ceremonies. (See on Amazon.)

Red fukusa laid out flat

Japanese Elegance Fukusa Cloth Red No 6

The color red is popular in Japan as it means peace and prosperity, while on shrines, it represents protection from evil and disaster. This Fukusa is made of 100% silk so that you can use it in Japanese tea ceremony schools. Easy to use for beginners through intermediate students of tea ceremonies. (See on Amazon.)

Red fukusa folded and in an open box

Fukusa Red Japanese Tea Ceremony Silk Cloth

You can choose any red silk cloth, from the thinnest to thickest. Three sides are sewn, and one side has no seam. All fabrics have a size of 11×11.5 inches each. A great selection, especially when you improve your Japanese tea ceremony knowledge. (See on Amazon.)

Learning to use Fukusa is a simple step in starting to learn about making green tea and appreciating the Japanese tea ceremony culture.

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