Tea Festivals Are Back!

The first festival of the year is just a month away. Sampling new teas, sipping long-time favorites and sharing the experience in person with other tea lovers is the core of every festival. And they are the live tea experiences that we’ve been missing for the last two years. While virtual tea events were meaningful placeholders, they couldn’t replace the excitement of gathering with fellow tea lovers and sharing a variety of tea-themed experiences.

First Tea Festival of 2022 Will be in Kansas City

On Mother’s Day weekend, May 7 and 8, the Midwest Tea Festival returns this year after a two-year pandemic hiatus. Under the new management of Dr. Sally Wei of Sally’s Parlor, the festival seeks to draw tea lovers to revel in the sights, sounds, and scents of tea. In a newer and more up-to-date venue than before at the Overland Park Convention Center in Overland Park, Kansas, tea exhibitors from around the region and further abroad will gather to once again sample and sell tea and talk tea with attendees.

In addition to the vendor area, the festival will host multiple rooms devoted to education, with speakers offering both free and additional-fee classes and lectures on both days. Educational opportunities include lectures ranging from topics such as: 

  • Tea 101 For Beginners – Nicole Burriss, Taste All the Teas
  • An Introduction to Herbal Infusions – Rebecca Grzeskowiak, The Tea Smith
  • Multiple Infusions: Unlocking the Subtle Layers of Flavor – Babette Donaldson, International Tea Sippers Society
  •  Musicali-Tea – Dr. Sally Wei
  • Korean Tea – Nicole Burriss, Taste All the Teas
  • Tea & Health – Babette Donaldson, author of  “The Everything Healthy Tea Book”
  • (+More being added)

Tasting experiences in the Tea Lounges Include Some of the Vendors

  • The Great Mississippi Tea Company
  • Nepal Tea
  • The Tea Smith
  • Sally’s Tea Parlor
  • Sugimoto Tea Company

Cultural Tea Experiences

  • Chinese: Jing Si Tea
  • French: Emilie’s French Teas
  • English: Daughters of the British Empire

Tea Events for Children

A special area for children will include tastings, stories and games. 

Time To Make Some New Tea Memories

There are many tea lovers who travel to several of tea festivals; not just their local venue. And one of the collectibles are the annual tasting cups included in many of the even gift bags. So it’s time to make some new memories this year. For those of us who collected the last Midwest Tea Festival cup, there it will be exciting to see old friends and experience what the new organizers and a new venue bring to the experience. 

What Happens at a Tea Festival

The tea businesses taking part will be offering samples and talking tea on the show floor as well, which adds up to big-time tea fun for anyone attending. With tickets of various kinds, tea devotees can customize their experience.

As we all negotiate the pandemic aftermath, it is difficult to know what to take a chance on with limited marketing dollars. With affordable booth fees, there is no other promotional experience quite like being face-to-face with tea drinkers en masse like occurs at a tea festival.

Festivals for Tea Tea Businesses

Festivals can be a great way to train your shop staff in customer interaction, answering questions about your teas and tea products while still selling tea to extremely motivated buyers all in one location. Businesses who work to impress at these events also report an uptick in online sales due to the customers they reach in locations other than their home base.

And as tea lovers potentially attending a festival, we also face the unknowns of travel and staying healthy. But with exhibitors are being added even now, as well as speakers, a location in the middle of the country that makes flights of shorter duration than traveling coast to coast, and our fellow tea drinkers thirsty for a return to in-person tasting and talking, the 2022 Midwest Tea Festival might be just what we need to gently ease us all back into loving tea together. 

For More Midwest Tea Festival 2022 Information:

Event Details: https://www.midwestteafest.com/home 

Volunteer: https://www.midwestteafest.com/call-for-volunteers 

Exhibit & Speak: https://www.midwestteafest.com/exhibitors-opportunities (ask about special pricing for exhibitors who also speak)

Sponsor: https://www.midwestteafest.com/sponsorsopportunities 

Attend: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/midwest-tea-festival-tickets-209527932687