Guest Contribution by Meredith Davis

Painting is the most freeing and spontaneous art there is. You can paint however you want and wherever you are because it simply has no rules! Sometimes people paint because it’s their way of mending heartaches, or it works as an escape from the harsh situation they’re currently stuck in, while some people paint out of just feeling like doing it – without any reason. No matter how it is done, painting is a way to express your most raw emotions while unleashing your artistic side. 

If you are someone who loves painting, then throw away those inhibitions. You don’t need expensive paints and brushes to make a masterpiece. Sometimes you can find everything you need in your kitchen cupboards – like teas, for example. If people can use red wine and coffee to paint, then how much more can they do using tea bags? They stain too, and exude soothing fragrances. 

Pieces of paper, each with a different tea stain and some writing, lined up in tidy rows

When you are doing some house decorations and you are left with nothing but tea bags and some paint brushes, let your imagination run free. You know what they say with art: Trust the process! So here are seven surprising ways to use tea when painting your home:

1 – Paint Your Doors And Window Frames Using Tea

Black tea stains a nice coffee-like shade. If your doorframes, doors, and window frames are made of wood and look like they could use a touch-up, try painting them using black tea. All you need to do is get as many black tea bags as you can, put them in a large container that can withstand heat, then pour hot water to get the pigment out. Once the water is dark enough, test the stain on a piece of paper. When you get your desired shade of stain, you can grab a paintbrush to paint the wooden parts of your doors and windows. 

The stains will not come out as seamlessly as paint colors do, but that’s what makes it even more unique and special!

2 – Make A Living Room Mural 

When your walls look bland, they need something eye-catching to give them life. You can paint a mural on your living room wall to give it some colors; but if you want to use a single color, use some tea! Get creative, then grab some tea bags and three different containers. Divide the tea bags into three containers, and make sure that each container has more tea bags than the previous container: You are going to make a gradient. Pour hot water on each container and let the tea bags steep. You can keep adding as many tea bags as you want, depending on the kind of gradient you want to achieve. 

Once the teas in the containers are cool enough, you can now use them to paint a mural on your living room wall. With the different shades of tea you have, you can highlight some details on the artwork. Whatever the artwork will be, it will give your living room a warm and comforting vibe because of its natural brown shades.

You can also search for different quick painting techniques and try them, so even if you’re only using water from steeping tea bags, the results will come out nicely.

3 – Touch Up Your Wooden Furniture 

Since all kinds of tea have natural brown shades, you can use them to touch up the color of your wooden furniture. The stains will not come out as perfectly as wooden brown paint, but they will highlight the wooden texture of your furniture.

4 – Paint Some Portraits

Red wines and coffee became popular with painting because artists used them for portraits and if you search on Google, you’ll see how beautiful each piece of art came out! 

If you have extra tea bags at home, use them to paint portraits which you can hang in your living room. It would be better if the teas are flavored to stain the water in different colors. Just grab some paintbrushes, a few canvases, and you’re good to go!

5 – Add Tea Leaves When Painting Your Walls

Aside from the additional brown shades tea stains give, you can also use the leaves and flowers from the tea to decorate your walls. Gather the contents of tea bags in one container. Since they’re pretty much dried already, you don’t have to do anything else. When you are painting your walls, paint at least two to three layers of paint before sticking the teabag contents on the wall while the paint has yet to dry. The wet paint will serve as an adhesive. You can arrange the tea however you like. Then once the paint dries, you’ll notice how the tea will cling snugly on your wall, creating a simple design for your newly-painted walls.

6 – Create Your “Hall Of Frames”

The beauty of living in a spacious home is having hallways around your house, especially on junctions leading to another room. When you have hallways inside your house, you can add a few decorations to bring some life to them. Make sure you have a few canvases in different sizes, then invite some of your family members to paint whatever they want using teas. 

Once everyone is done with their unique artwork, you can put some hooks on each canvas so you can attach it to the wall, then line the finished products randomly on the walls of your hallways. You’ll see just how beautiful they will turn out.

Remove Paint Odors Using Tea 

Paint odors can be really strong, and sometimes they can permeate even inside your refrigerator. If you want to prevent your refrigerator from absorbing harsh paint odors, use tea bags to absorb the unpleasant smell. To do this, just stash a few tea bags in a bowl then place it at the back of your refrigerator. This way your food won’t smell like chemicals when you are painting your home.


You may not realize there are ways to use tea aside from drinking it, so we’re glad you’re here! Now that you are aware of the many uses of tea when decorating and painting your home, you can try some of what we listed here to give your home a new look!

Photo “Tea stains details (1)” is copyright under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic License to the photographer Nic McPhee and is being posted unaltered (source)