To mark the 2022 International Women’s Day, T Ching is beginning a series to focus on women who have and continue to make a huge difference in the world of tea. It is more important than ever before to correct a bias against women working in the tea industry by marketing campaigns and political constraints. Many promote the myth that women only work in the fields to pluck the tender tea leaves. Certainly, it is true that the greatest percentage of field workers are women. But we must not ignore the fact that women are also tea plantation owners and managers. That women have and are continuing to make huge advances in the science of tea. Women are tea entrepreneurs and the leaders of international tea associations. In this ongoing series, we hope to feature many of them.

List of a Few of the Women We Will Feature

This is, by no means, an exhaustive list of the women we would like to feature on T Ching. But it is a starting place and will give an overview of some of the areas in which women are making a huge difference in the industry. We would particularly like to feature women-owned and managed international farms and manufacturing operations.

Tea and Social Welfare

  • Lisa Mills, Elephant Friendly Tea.  She is the founder of “Elephant Origins”, and has been a wildlife conservationist and educator for over 30 years.
  • Maria Uspenski Tea Spot.  Contributes a percentage of sales to various social welfare projects, particularly cancer research. She is also the author of “Cancer Hates Tea”. (* T Ching Article)

Tea Innovators


  • Dr. Selena Ahmed, Tea Researcher, an ethnobotanist with research and outreach interests at the intersection of the ecological, cultural, and health aspects of food systems. The ultimate translational goal of my collaborative research program is to transform the food system through evidence-based innovations that support human and planetary health. – (* T Ching Article)
  • Megumi and Ui Hori 4th Generation Japanese Tea Farmers, Kiroku Tea Garden

International Tea Trade

Major Tea Brands

Tea Association Organizers

  • Hong Nguye, General Secretary at Vietnam Tea Association

  • Shabnam Weber, President of the Canadian Tea and Herb Association
  • Angela McDonald, Association of U.S. Tea Farmers. (* T Ching Article)

Tea Farmers 

Historic Tearooms

Herbs for Tea and Health

Tea Writers & Publishers

Tea Educators

  • Sharyn Johnston – Founder of Austrailian Tea Masters, author and global tea educator

Tea Event Organizers

  • Faith Ann Bailesco-founer of “Take Me To Tea” which became the World Tea Expo


Who would you like to see featured in this “Women In Tea” series ?

Please help us tell these stories. Submit complete articles and also suggestions for articles. T Ching wants to tell the story of tea with the powerful voices of women. Please submit articles and ideas to build our project and fill our “Women In Tea Gallery”.