Another Fun Tea Crossword

How much do you know about teatime in Chile? Or the names of tea tools used in the Japanese tea ceremony? Our tea crossword puzzles are a fun way to challenge yourself about your existing tea knowledge and also to inspire you to reach out to learn more. Judi Slack chose another unusual blend of terms, plucked from world history and tea geography. The hope is not that there’s something new for everyone. Even the most seasoned tea person! And you may pick up a few new tidbits of tea lore to share at your next tea gathering with friends. 

 Options to Solve the Tea Crossword:

  • You can work the puzzle digitally, on this page, filling in the letters on this page. (See more below.)
  • You can go to the full-page URL and solve online.
  • You can download the blank, unsolved PDF + Answer Key to accept the challenge old-school.
  • You can print the puzzle and use the live links on some of the answers to read more about the subject.

Good Luck!

  • Ceylon
  • sencha
  • Lipton
  • Portugal
  • tea
  • singlo

Tips for Solving a Ditital Crossword:

  • Click a cell on the crossword grid, or click a clue
  • Click twice on a cell to toggle between across and down
  • The active cell is highlighted in blue
  • Start typing in the word
  • Hit enter when you are done typing in the word
  • The word will turn green or red if you got it right or wrong
  • You can use the tab and shift-tab keys to move around the crossword, and the arrow keys