Why do I publish an article like this on T Ching when most of our readers are tea lovers but not tea businesses? WTE is a trade show for tea entrepreneurs. It is an annual gathering of people dedicated to bringing Specialty Tea (not the big brands) to the U.S. and other western countries in the process of developing a tea culture. But World Tea Expo 2022 is a major milestone in the tea industry. And it is one reason we now have thousands of specialty tea businesses in the U.S.

World Tea Expo Glass Teapot

Every workshop, class, event, and conversation builds professionalism and potential. Mentors nurture new business ideas. Commarraderie helps sustain and inspire when owners need bolstering. WTE has been supporting B2B. But it would be a mistake if, while we are celebrating these twenty years, we fail to acknowledge that it also benefits non-biz tea lovers.

Admittedly, I have a strong bias. As and attended, a vendor, an educator, a board member and member of the educational committed advisory board, I’ve worn various hats for all twenty years. When I think of Expos past, my first and strongest memory is the smell of the trade show floor with hundreds of booths displaying their products. And then the abundance of tea . . . it feels like standing in the middle of a world of tea. But, not everyone can attend. So I emphasize, there are benefits for everyone. So I’d like to share a few unique to World Tea Expo 2022. 

Special Benefits of World Tea Expo 2022

This year, World Tea Media has already published a “white paper” (really a book!) of articles from some of the main speakers and “thought leaders.” That was released last week and is available for download from the World Tea Media website. (More below.) But if you’re in the Las Vegas area already or if you’re coming as a +1, there are special events you will want to attend.

One of these events is a “Tea Tasting and Pairing” event by Shunan Teng

In this specially curated tasting, we’ll be enjoying 6 Chinese tapas-style dishes with 6 distinguished Chinese teas from historic terroir. Learn about how the dynamic flavors of tea with varied body, tannins and aroma can transform the taste and texture of food. The tasting will be led by Shunan Teng from Tea Drunk, an avid tea educator and the instructor.   View the entire menu.

Another event is a tea tasting, “In Depth With Thomas Shu,Over The Gold Leaf ” 

Thomas Shu has agreed to bring in some extra special teas from Taiwan. A special presentation of Superfine grade Taiwan Oolongs (International Tea Contests Grade) will be offered at this evening event by Thomas Shu.   View the list of rare teas.

It’s fair to say that, without this annual trade show, specialty tea would not be where it is today. There would not be as many retailers and those retailers would not have the enormous variety of products from tea-growing regions around the world. And we would not know as much as we do about the global tea cultures – including our own. Tea connects us in ways that bypass most of global politics. We know more about each other through tea. And it these times, that is more important than ever. We see this clearly in the articles in this year’s WTE publication, “Tea Industry Trends, Issues, and Innovation,” the 44-page white paper. (And I’ll add the disclaimer that I’m one of the contributing writers.)

World Tea Expo 2022 White Paper: “Tea Industry Trends, Issues, and Innovation”

It contains seventeed articles by thought leaders in the tea industry who are also speakers and mentors at this year’s educational conference. It’s a great way to get to know some of the people who are trying to make a difference in Specialty Tea for everyone. To download your copy, click the request on World Tea News. You will be sent the PDF file by email. 

Table of Contents

  • 2022 Tea Industry Trends, Issues & Innovation by James Norwood Pratt, author of  The Tea Lover’s Treasury and James Norwood Pratt’s Tea Dictionary.
  • State of the U.S. Tea Industry: a Review of 2021 and 2022 Predictions by Peter Goggi, President of the Tea Association of the U.S.A.
  • A Focus on Traceability, Sustainability, and the Environment is Key by Dr. Sharon Hall, UK Tea & Infusions Association
  • To Grow in 2022 and Beyond, the Tea Industry Needs to Embrace New Realities by Shabnam Weber, President of The Tea and Herbal Association of Canada
  • Tea: A Source of Calm in an Anxious America by Matthew Barry, a consultant at Euromonitor International.
  • Innovation and the Future of Tea Trends by Melissa Hago, Experienced VP and Creative Director of Fashion Snoops 
  • Expect the Tea Sectorto Flourish in Many Unexpected Ways by Sharyn Johnston, President of Australian Tea Masters
  • Reinventing Tea Retail: Tea Discovery Online is a Top Priority in 2022 by Dan Bolton, Publisher of Tea Biz & Tea Journey 
  • A Look at Teahouse and Tea Cafe Trends in 2022 by Gail Gastelu, Publisher of The Teahouse Times
  • For Success in 2022, Focus on Nuanced Marketing Around the Tea Lifestyle by Babette Donaldson, Publisher, T Ching and author of “The Everything Healthy Tea Book”.
  • 2022 Is The Year of Health & Education in Tea by Kelly Hackman, Owner, The White Heron Tea & Gifts 
  • Can You and Your Staff Expertly Answer Your Customer’s Questions About Tea? by Lisa Boalt Richardson, Director of World Tea Academy
  • Bubble Tea Is Having a Moment: a Chat with Gong Cha’s Anchal Lamba by Aaron Kiel, Editor of  World Tea News
  • Tea Cocktails by Aaron Kiel, Editor of  World Tea News
  • Tea Harvesting in 2022: Out with the Old and in with the New by Nigel Milican, Owner of Teacraft Ltd.
  • Back to Basics by David Duckler, co-founder of Verdant Tea
  • Thoughts on Trends, Development and Teas from China by Lydia Kung, owner of Verileaf

In conclusion . . .

. . . for those of you who are curious tea drinkers – who want to know more about the lovely leaves you’re buying, how they are grown and sold throughout the world, there’s a lot of information that will come from World Tea Expo 2022. The tea people who attend will be excited to share their experiences with new classes, blog posts and, of course, NEW TEAS. And reading some of these articles will help you find new paths on your own tea journey. 

But one of the most remarkable things about this year is that it will again be possible to gather in person. The special events I mentioned seem even more rare and will hopefully inspire your local tearoom or teashop to host something similar in your neighborhood very soon.