How can tea and other aphrodisiacs spice up your relationship or marriage?

A relationship is like a garden. In the beginning, you plant a few seeds and watch them blossom. As time goes on, though, you need to nurture the garden for it to stay as beautiful as it was in the beginning. Sprinkle a little thoughtfulness and attention, and you’re halfway there. So as to keep things fresh, you can always turn to aphrodisiacs. One of the most effective ones is tea. The consumption of tea dates back to as early as the third century AD. The east was first to reap its benefits, but the rest of the world soon caught on and tea was recognized as the universal problem solver.

It will make you healthier

Tea has a lot of health benefits for your physical and mental health. Therefore, you should be drinking it on regular basis regardless of how things are in the bedroom currently. These benefits will surely contribute to spicing things up, though. A healthy mind and body are conditions that need to be met if you want your relationship to be more passionate. Simply put, when you’re healthy and content with yourself, you’ll be more open to exploring the bedroom with your partner.

What’s more, some teas can even help with certain issues related to the bedroom. Ginseng tea, for example, contains compounds referred to as ginsenosides. They might not sound like anything special, but they affect gonadal tissue and battle erectile dysfunction.  Even though men might benefit from it more, it still increases the wants and needs of both partners that only they can satisfy together.

It will give you something to do together

Spending years together can cause you either to drift apart or merge into the same person. More often than not, the former happens. In these cases, the question is finding an activity you can do together. You can try the classics like going to cooking or dancing lessons, but those activities can end up being stressful and hard to manage time-wise.

Growing closer should happen on the emotional and physical levels equally. That’s why the perfect activity might be reading and drinking tea together. This will stimulate your brains and your bodies alike. Catuaba bark tea should solve the physical distance, and choosing books for each other can reconnect you emotionally. Throw in a little dark chocolate as a snack and you’ve got a recipe for success. After all, dark chocolate is rich in tryptophan and phenylethylamine, both of which are associated with falling in love and generating more serotonin.

It will help you feel more alive

The most common cause of a lull in any relationship or marriage is routine. Daily troubles and worries often take a toll on us. Soon, your relationship can fall into the same pattern and feel like a habit or an obligation you need to fulfill. You and your partner simply need to get out of your slump and feel the love once more. Physical closeness can kick-start the process and give you the dose of adrenaline your body craves.

Share some Damiana and feel the flame of passion engulf you completely. It is the ancient plant of Mexican Indians which stirs up the body and relaxes the mind. If you want to go a step further and embrace the upcoming season, you can choose something other than tea. There are a variety of romantic Christmas hampers you can get online, filled with wine and dark chocolate (the strongest aphrodisiacs next to tea). Get ready to create new memories and fall into each other’s arms just like you did when you first started dating.

It can bring you closer

Any good aphrodisiac will bring you closer in the physical sense, but only tea will deepen that connection. Let’s face it, the love and affection you hold for your partner isn’t gone, it just needs to resurface. Sometimes, the cause of those buried emotions is personal problems you don’t want to burden your partner with.

In this case, you should opt for something like Ginkgo Biloba. As well as boosting circulation to the genital area and making you feel warmer and more attracted to your loved one, it’ll also help with your emotional state. After all, it elevates the effects of anxiety and depression, allowing you to completely give yourself to your partner.


As you can see, tea is by far the best aphrodisiac you can have in your relationship or marriage. You’ll get to enjoy the benefits together while rekindling your romance. Not only will you be healthier but you’ll also grow closer over something as simple but as powerful as a cup of tea. Get ready to feel like a teenager again, while sitting next to your love, laughing and enjoying the physical affection.

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This article has been updated from the original November 15, 2018 publication.

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