Changes for T Ching in 2022

As our long-term readers know, the ‘face’ of T Ching has changed significantly over the last two years. This represents a shift in the content as well. What began in 2006 as a blog, has grown into more of a tea library. More than 100 different writers have contributed information, experience and ways to enjoy tea in every lifestyle.

By reorganizing the 3000+ published articles and updating navigation, readers who come to the site can access articles more conveniently. One problem for newcomers to tea is that they may not know how to search for tea information. If you “…don’t know what you don’t know …” how do you formulate a question. We’ve addressed this issue by displaying 20 of the most recent posts in our most-searched-for categories. One frequent comment is, “I never knew there was so much to know about tea.” 

T Ching Table of Contents

T Ching Front Page

TChing Table of Contents

T Ching Table of Contents

More Ways To Find Articles

  • Table of Contents (above)
  • New Footer – Like a TOC (below)
  • New Categories & Sub-categories (listed on TOC and Footer)
  • New Navigation Bars

In addition to this new display, we’ve improved the search software and added new tools for whole-site navigation. The Table of Contents is one of the most useful new tools on the site. But this is also connected to organizing articles into new, more descriptive categories. 

T Ching’s New Footer

Community-Building Projects to Continue and Expand

The Tea Raffle was introduced in 2021 and will continue. We introduce Tea Businesses and their products in this fun way. All subscribers to the Weekly Digest are eligible to win. 

Tea Sippers Weekly Digest became a weekly …. index of T Ching articles, raffle and activity downloads. In 2022 we will be adding more contests and campaigns.

New Featured Writers in 2021 

  • Will Battle
  • Anesce Dremen
  • Sharyn Johnson
  • Akiko Ono
  • Judi Slack

Watch for more new contributors and featured writers in ’22. We’ve already accepted applications from several new writers. Some will become regular contributors and others will be occasional guests. T Ching’s goal is to give voice to these global tea writers, thinkers and entrepreneurs. In the same way, we want to provide readers with their stories. 

New Projects on T Ching

Sip for Peace 2022

This year will be different from past years. Even though it has been almost totally online, it was not “live”. This year will be weekly livestream sessions. We come together virtually to share a cup of tea and a desire to “Imagine”, as John Lennon suggested. The first livestream Sip-In will be on Sunday, January 9. 1:00 PM. PST.  Register to Watch Live

International Women In Tea

We’ve begun publishing articles about women who feature prominently in the global industry now and who have been an important part of our tea history. We will be featuring a major article for International Women’s Day on March 8th.

One example is an article about Michiyo Tsujimura that we published last September. Read the article.


Our Committment to Our Tea-Loving Readers

As we begin our 16th year, we continue to publish content for diverse interests, explore how tea can be more meaningful in daily life and support tea entrepreneurs who have dedicated their lives and livelihoods to providing rich and rewarding experiences with fine teas.

We love to hear from readers and welcome your suggestions and comments.

Thank you for being part of our tea community.