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The tea ceremony is part of Japanese green tea-drinking culture. When watching a tea ceremony, you will notice a circular box used for storing matcha or green tea leaves. That box is a tea caddy called a Natsume. A beautiful and well-made natsume tea container is an excellent addition to your matcha collection, as well as your travels.

Tokyo Matcha Selection Hanazoroe Natsume Tea Container

Tokyo Matcha Selection Hanazoroe

A steel natsume with an inner plastic lid. This tea caddy has an old, traditional floral design. It is small, yet beautifully made for storing tea leaves and making tea ceremonies look good. (See on Amazon.)

Tokyo Matcha Selection Kabuki Natsume Tea Container

Tokyo Matcha Selection Kabuki Natsume

Sold by Tokyo Matcha Selection, this natsume is made of wood and decoratively coated with lacquer. Before painting with lacquer, the tea caddy is designed with simple lines. This natsume is made by a long-running Yamanaka lacquerware maker, Japan Crafts Oshima. It is ideal and durable for everyday use without diminishing the aesthetics. Available colors: Black with a red inside and red with a black inside. (See on Amazon.)

Osaka Naniwa Suzuki Japanese Handmade Natsume

Osaka Naniwa Suzuki Japanese Handmade Natsume

This natsume is made of tin and skillfully hand-crafted, including the design. It comes with a box stamped by the manufacturer. You can feel the tea ceremony immersive experience since this tea caddy was made by a government-recognized business making handicrafts that are still using the middle-Edo-era’s traditional methods. The available variations are black, red, and shiny. Please note that the black one is not fully black. (See on Amazon.)

Wemega Tea Caddy Set of 6

Han Sheng Tea Storage Container

These mini pure-tin tea storage containers have printed flower designs that will surely match the Zen Garden aesthetic. There are six pieces in one set. You can also store candies or chocolates to give to your loved ones. These are very cute and pretty items to have in your tea collection. (See on Amazon.)

Han Sheng Tea Storage Container Set of 6

Wemega Tea Container

While similar to the Han Sheng one, these natsume by Wemega offer tea caddies with different flower designs and are a bit larger. They are made of high-quality tin and do not rust. The double lid design ensures that the tea leaves or small food items stored within stay fresh. There are six pieces in one set. (See on Amazon.)

Tokyo Matcha Selection Premium Oshima Large Natsume

Tokyo Matcha Selection Premium Oshima Large Natsume

Made by traditional handicrafts-maker Japan Crafts Oshima, this natsume can hold up to 70g or 2.46oz. If you love a plain, no-design natsume, this tea caddy might be a good choice for you. It is coated with lacquer for long-lasting color and durability. (See on Amazon.)

Tobefort Natsume Tea Caddy Set of 2

Tobefort Tea Organizer Storage

Two high-quality tin tea caddies in one set. The pastel-hued floral designs perfectly match both modern and traditional Japanese tea houses, including the kissaten. This pair is made of tin and have double-layer lids to protect the tea leaves from high-temperature surroundings. No melting, no leakage, all freshness is sealed inside. (See on Amazon.)

Kimikura Sakura White Japanese Tea Caddy

Kimikura Sakura White Japanese Tea Canister

A perfect natsume for cherry blossom season. With a diameter of 8.2cm and height of 4cm, it can store 30g or 1 oz. of tea leaves or up to 5 teabags. Don’t be fooled by its beautiful design, this tea caddy can store tea leaves securely and provides good protection from high temperatures. (See on Amazon.)

ZentealifeCom Suzuko Hanaroe Japanese Tea Caddy

ZentealifeCom Suzuko Hanaroe Japanese Tea Canister

This sencha-inspired natsume is an airtight double-lid tea caddy that can store green or other tea leaves. It also comes with a plastic insert to protect the leaves from humidity. The tea caddy design matches the traditional Japanese tea hut and Zen Garden aesthetic. (See on Amazon.)

ZentealifeCom Japanese Tea Caddy Suzuko

ZentealifeCom Japanese Tea Canister Suzuko

For an ancient aesthetic, the mainly green and brown stainless-steel tea canister is lightweight and is also lined with sturdy plastic. It does not crack easily and can tightly seal to keep the tea leaves fresh. It is also a perfect accessory for other traditional Asian-inspired houses. (See on Amazon.)

For convenience and tea ceremonies, natsume containers will surely make your tea taste good. With the proper water temperature and steeping time, of course.

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