It’s always interesting to look back at the creative legacy that built T Ching as a resource for tea lovers. In the early days, there were several writers who published tea-themed haiku. Below are some selected poems from the earlier days of our tea writers. Poets are invited to submit more poetry inspired by the tea experience. 

There are many historic connections between tea and the Haiku masters of Japan. One of the most famous, Kobayashi Issa, is known by his pen name, “Issa” that translates as “cup of tea”.  And the most famous Haiku poet, Basho, is known for writing many tea haiku. 

Basho, Japanese Haiku Poet

Drinking the morning green tea,

The monk is calm.

The flowers of chrysanthemum.

 — Matsuo Bashō,

Strange how a teapot

Can represent at the same time

The comforts of solitude

And the pleasures of company

                                           – Zen Haiku

mindful and focused

all your five senses aroused

graceful as a cat

                    –  Phyll Sheng

Warm morning sun glows

My coffee, your tea, friendship

The time! where’s our check?! 

                                             – Anne Lerch

Gunmetal grey sky

Chill air fills my mouth and nose

Hot tea in red hands

                                                    –Anne Lerch

Sri Lankan Tea Plantation

New day dawns misty

Tea leaves await their harvest

Fuji-san watches

                   – Anonymous

Japanese tea field

Boiling, brewing, steep

The aroma drifts up slow

Finally, I drink.

               –Kelbe Thompson

Rich dark liquid

Isles of Japan in a cup

Scalding, healing, brew.

          –  Kelbe Thompson

Image of Basho by Hokusai is available through Creative Commons via Wikimedia Commons