Teacups Are for the Birds!

“Come feed the little birds, show them you care. And you’ll be glad if you do. Their young ones are hungry, their nests are so bare. All it takes is tuppence from you.” 

from Mary Poppins, words by R. & R. Sherman

Teacups and Bird Feeders

Bear with me for a while and you’ll see how I connect all the dots between my love of bird watching and drinking tea . . . and end up with teacups! 

Let me begin by saying – I am not a twitcher. Now for those of you who don’t know what a twitcher is, it is a type of birder who is trying to add as many bird species as they can to what is known as a life list. They can get kind of crazy, going to GREAT lengths and travel sometimes LONG distances, just to add a new or rare bird to their life list.

I am what is known as just a birdwatcher. I wouldn’t even say it’s a hobby of mine. I just have numerous bird feeders, strategically placed outside several windows in my home and outside my front door patio area. And I do spend a lot of time watching the birds and it always seems to be with a cup of tea.  (Notice a connected dot “with a cup of tea”).

Gazing at the birds, now through frosty windows is a welcomed distraction from the crazy and complicated world in which we all live in, and especially now with the holidays and all the stress that we put on ourselves, trying to create that picture perfect Hallmark-style day.

Watching the birds with a cup of Korakundah (a black tea from the Nilgiri region of Southern India), lets me focus on something else that daily life. It helps distract me from the exceptionally long list of things that need to be accomplished. Watching the birds is relaxing because it allows me to connect with nature in a meaningful way, quietly and meditatively. And the same can be said for enjoying a cup of tea. So, the birds and the tea are keeping me sane, allowing me to unwind, focus and recover from my self-imposed stress.

The other day, I was enjoying that favorite cup of Korakundah, and watching a big, old mean Blue Jay, scare all the little guys out of the feeder and my eyes also took in all the many, many, many, many teacups I have acquired (my teacup hoarding self). All of what was happening in that moment, I suddenly remembered something I had seen while Internet surfing. Here come some more connect-the-dots.

What do you get when you add together, a teacup, some birds and a little bird seed? You get a Teacup Bird Feeder!!!  On her blog, Simple Parenting, (August, 2018) the blogger, Becky, shares the details.

teacup bird feeder

This teacup bird feeder is a quick DYI project and is sweet and easy to make. And it’s a great way to repurpose teacups and saucers, that you might have that are chipped or cracked. And the birds won’t know the difference.

Also, a nice thing about them is that if you use a teacup with a beautiful interior it becomes visible as the birds eat the seeds. Any feathered friend would delight in eating from an elegant feeder. And the best part about these feeders is that you don’t need any special skills, and they will make a fabulous gift for any of your tea loving friends. Just visit Beck’s Blog to find directions for her version pictured above. 

teacup bird feeder

Another Teacup Bird Feeder Design; Babette’s Design

This version fits into a tray-shaped feeder that my birds already love. By super-gluing the teacup to the saucer and filling it with their favorite chopped nuts and seeds, it looked like a tea party for my little Warblers. Super easy and colorful in the winter garden. Unfortunately, they were camera-shy and wouldn’t stick around for the photo-op.