Here at T Ching, Maria Uspenski is a very familiar name. She wrote for us from 2008 to 2017, and her company The Tea Spot (for which she’s the founder and CEO) is well known. In fact, one of the first reviews I ever wrote for T Ching was for The Tea Spot Simple Steeps. So we were very excited when we learned that The Tea Spot has teamed up with charity: water to sell a limited-edition The Tea Spot x charity: water Tea Tumbler Set, consisting of a tea tumbler and package of “Peach on Earth” loose-leaf oolong tea. 100% of the net proceeds from each sale will be donated to charity: water, with the goal of raising a total of $100,000.

Marketing photo of Tea Spot Charity Tumbler with its strainer basket beside it
Maria Uspenski holding the charity tumbler

The Tea Spot

The Tea Spot’s stated goal since founding in 2004 has been, “To help people live healthier, happier lives.” A cancer survivor herself, Maria Uspenski has ensured that 10% of profits be donated to cancer and community wellness causes. Ms. Uspenki said of this current effort:

“I’m honored to have our company partner with charity: water, and so very excited to offer this Limited-edition The Tea Spot x charity: water Tea Tumbler Set as a force for wellness. It’s the perfect gift that gives back this holiday season, providing clean and safe water to one person in need in a developing country, while also infusing the goodness of whole leaf tea for the giftee.”

charity: water

With a clearly-stated goal of “Help bring clean and safe water to every person on the planet,” charity: water is a non-profit organization working to bring drinking water to developing countries around the world. Founded in 2006 in New York by Scott Harrison, who had seen first-hand the effects of dirty water while overseas for a number of years, they pride themselves on donating 100% of the money raised publicly, and are completely transparent and accountable; even providing their financials to view on their website. In regards to this current project, Mr. Harrison said:

“The Tea Spot’s mission as a socially responsible business, as well as its 10% For Wellness program, are very much in line with charity: water’s goal of helping communities. When a community gets access to clean water, it can change just about everything. It can improve health, increase access to food, grow local economies, and help kids spend more time in school. We’re excited about this partnership with The Tea Spot, and we look forward to further helping as many people as possible around the world.”

Tea Spot Charity Tumbler in free-flowing water

While doing your holiday shopping (whether for someone else or to treat yourself), consider this limited-edition The Tea Spot x charity: water Tea Tumbler Set. You’ll be treating yourself or a loved one, and also contributing to an important cause for people in need and the planet. What could be better than that?

Images provided courtesy of The Tea Spot and used with permission