Diane shares how California Tea and Herbal came about. With hundreds of new online tea companies starting, it’s getting to be a crowded playing field so make sure you do your due diligence on competition, spend lots of time on education and R&D (research and development), be ready for lots of hard work, and never give up!  

Diane and a partner opened their first store in 2007 in Lake Arrowhead, CA, in a busy outlet mall. After turning over management of that company to her partner and her partner’s husband, Diane and her husband Vern went on to open their own tea concept in their town of Temecula. For five years, they continued to gain knowledge and contacts in the industry but never stopped their diligent searching for the best teas and herbals in the world.

Part of their uniqueness in the early days was the types of things they were doing with tea – things that many companies got into in the last few years, like matcha lattes and icy blended drinks, yerba mate, brewing techniques, and serving gluten-free and healthy food options with the teas and herbals.

The first company Diane co-founded was sold in 2016, and the store in Temecula was closed in 2012 in order to pursue other areas of tea. The new online site was launched in late 2016. Every tea and herbal on the website has been gleaned from years of keeping only the most popular and delicious options.

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