Looking for an easy holiday decoration?  Or a simple party craft? 

Christmas Teabag Wreath. Examples of do-it-yourself wreaths.

Teabag Wreaths that Keep You Sipping!

During this Holiday Season, it’s almost impossible to drive down any road and not see multi-colored, evergreen wreaths hanging on front doors. When hung on a door or window, they are considered as an invitation to the spirit of Christmas to enter the home and bring good luck. In fact, I have one decorating my front door, but what about a teabag wreath? They too are an invitation to enjoy and celebrate the holidays with close friends and families and there is no better way to do that, than with a cup of tea. Cookies of course are necessary accompaniment! But first a little history.

A Brief History of Wreaths

 As with most festive traditions, the meaning behind hanging the Christmas wreath can be traced back to many different religions and cultures. The word itself comes from the Old English word “writhen” which means to writhe or to twist. For example, ancient Romans hung wreaths on their doors as a sign of victory in battle or to indicate their status in society. Women wore them as ornamental headdresses and athletes who were victorious were crowned with wreaths of olives and laurel. Another notion of the wreath dates back to German folklore, where the wreath’s evergreen was used as a symbol of continuity and sustained life in the bleak winter months. For Christians, the circular shape came to symbolize the infinite love of Jesus and the creation of new life. Together, the circular shape and the evergreens made wreaths a representation of eternal life. 

Contemporary Wreaths 

Today wreaths are now made from all sorts of things and come in a huge array of designs, colors, and sizes. I’ve seen some pretty creative construction materials – seed packets for the gardener, corks for the wine lover, assorted candies for those with a sweet tooth, crayons for the educators, thread spools for sewing enthusiasts, and even thumbtacks! But how about the tea lover?

My Tea Meetup Group – “No Hats Required”

A couple of years ago a few of us from the group got together at one of the local libraries to make tea wreaths to use as gifts for the tea devotees in our lives. It was a simple DYI project. Before we met, I sent out a list of materials they needed to bring, including an assortment of tea bags for themselves and to trade. I provided the glue guns, glue, and lots of tea and cookies to keep us energized as we worked. We had a great time! For me, the thing I enjoyed the most was sifting through all the different tea bags people had brought.

I knew my tea wreath was destined to be under my mother-in-law’s Christmas tree and I picked out her favorites. I was able to find twenty different kinds of tea to include on my wreath. When we were all done, we laid out all the wreaths and had a “sightsee” walkthrough of everyone’s wreaths. Each wreath, although adorned with brightly colored tea bags, was different and reflected each person’s personal and unique idea behind the creation of their wreath. 

Even though our group used teabags, as one who prefers loose-leaf tea, I’m considering how to adapt the idea and fill DIY teabags with some of my favorites, wrapping them in their own colorful covers. Maybe next year!

So, this gifting season, avoid the crowded stores with their long lines, and for the tea lovers in your life, create a one-of-a-kind “Sipping Wreath”. Take it from Matt Johnson, a San Francisco-based psychology professor at the Hult International Business School who researches consumer behavior – he explains why homemade gifts, in particular, are so heartwarming. 

“When it comes to gifts, humans are not driven by mere utility,” Johnson explains. “Instead, it’s the gift’s background story, the motivation behind it, and how it is made that makes all the difference.” 

So, just DYI Tea Wreaths, grab your glue gun, sip your favorite Christmas tea and remember, even the simplest item, when handmade, has some extra value to it because you took the time to make it. Plus, making gifts is fun and satisfying, especially when you give someone something you know they’ll enjoy! 

And Invitation to All You Crafty Tea-Lovers . . .

If you’re inspired to create your own variation of a Holiday Tea Wreath, we would love to share them with our community. Email your photos to “B.Donaldson@TeaSippersSociety” to be added to this article. We would love to create a gallery of unique designs.

Merry Christmas, Keep Crafting and Drinking Tea!