Celebrating Six Months of Tea Raffle Fun

We’ve been testing out this Monthly Tea Raffle for the last six months of the year. Certainly, the winners have been delighted. Most Tea Business Donors have noticed increased traffic to their websites during the month when their item was offered. And readers who weren’t selected still enjoyed discovering new tea companies. 

Our goal in organizing these events is to increase the sense of community between tea lovers and the tea entrepreneurs who are creating wonderful new experiences to enjoy more tea in our daily lives. 

December Raffle Donors; Kagoshima Tea, Tea Journey, Three Pines Studio, Hugo Tea

Meet the December Tea Raffle Donors

  Meet The December Donors

Hugo Tea

Raffle Prize:  $50 Gift Certificate

Every moment with tea is a learning moment. There’s no room in a modern tea industry for opaqueness and empty platitudes. Our passion is to share tea in open, genuinely informative ways—not to talk past you.  We travel thousands of miles every year pursuing great tea. We’ve bought 100% of our tea leaves direct for nearly a decade, untangling the stubborn half-truths that pervade this industry and sharing the realities of tea farming. But this new American tea culture of objectivity and transparency is still second to tea defined by mythology and hype; wrapped in complex terminology and flowery narratives designed to impress, not inform. This is the trend we do battle against.   (From Hugo Tea Website)

Three Pines Studio

Raffle Prize:  Woodblock on Linen Coloring Book Kit

Yes, a Linen Can Be a Work of Art.  Nestled between Northwest Michigan’s woods and lakeshore, at the end of the iconic Tunnel of Trees, is Three Pines Studio Linens. Here, artists hand-block extraordinary designs inspired by nature on high-quality, 100% flax linens made to last a lifetime and grow softer with each washing.

Joann Condino fell in love with the hand-carved woodblocks of India when she was just 15. Back then, Pier 1 was a new, exotic store featuring barrels of hand-carved wooden blocks for printing.  “I grew up appreciating the mark of the artist, the chisel, in the wood carvings,” Joann says. “So, when I saw blocks that were from India in barrels, I recognized the carver’s mark.” There was something intriguing in the imperfections of the hand-chiseled wood. It was as if she could see the carver, bent over the block of wood, hands chiseling and wood shavings floating down, allowing the wood’s natural design to appear. (From Three Pines Studio Website)

Tea Journey

Raffle Prize:  6 Winners will receive Annual Subscriptions

Tea Journey’s website and mobile app are a bridge connecting those who craft handmade teas in 35 countries to the growing number of premium consumers globally. The magazine is a collaborative venture, self-financed by editors, writers, tea consultants, tea educators and tea experts globally. Tea Journey educates readers not only in the selection and preparation of artisan tea but also in the manufacture of teaware and authentic utensils designed to enhance the tea experience.

Tea Journey believes that the most authoritative content originates in the tea lands. That is why the magazine recruited top journalists, tea experts, translators and publishers in the tea lands to contribute a third of the publication’s content. Tea Journey identifies the best articles found in Mandarin, Cantonese, Korean and Japanese publications. The staff then retells these stories in nuanced English.  (From Tea Journey Website)


Kagoshima Tea

Raffle Prize: Matcha Tea

The KagoshimaTea.com customer service team has been actively involved in the Japanese tea industry since 2000. This extensive experience has made us knowledgeable about how to source the right green teas at the best prices for our worldwide customers. Equally as important is our superior customer service gained from serving thousands of satisfied consumers. We are proud and honored to be green tea merchants who offer products that enhance people’s health and well being.

Our sole purpose is to consistently deliver to our valued customers the finest quality and best tasting green tea at competitive prices from Kagoshima Prefecture. If we fail in our purpose, we hope you tell us the reason why. But if we succeed, then please tell your family and friends about us. Your comments and suggestions are indispensable towards the continued improvement of our customer service. 

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The Tea Sippers Weekly Digest arrives via email on the weekends when T Ching does not publish new articles. The Digest gives previews of the week’s 5 new articles plus an activity download and an update on Tea Raffle news. The activities include crossword puzzles, coloring pages and word games. But we have also included easy, original sing-along tea songs. Winners from the previous month and donors for the new month are announced in the 1st email of the month. 

If you are already receiving our weekly emails, you are subscribed and automatically entered to win each month. If not, click on the green button to subscribe. We respect the privacy of all subscribers and will never share your personal contact information.

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The monthly raffle prizes are an affordable form of advertising to introduce your business and unique products to a community of tea lovers. In addition to announcement “posts” like this one, the contest and your logo is prominent on the website sidebar, published on a gallery page all monthly donors, include the feature in at least four Weekly Digest Newsletters, posted on our social media channels and promote with advertising for at least one week out of the month.

The raffle program promotes you prominently to T Ching subscribers as well as our organic traffic. You may also consider increasing awareness of your business by contributing a post during the month that you are contributing a raffle prize.

Contact Babette Donaldson to submit your prize offer.     [email protected]