A Tea Meditation For Thanksgiving

As the wheel of the year turns toward winter and the days get shorter (in the northern hemisphere, at least), I find myself thinking more about gratitude. While it sounds simple, focusing upon gratitude is proven to help with mental health. In a study where participants were asked to write each week about things they were grateful for: “After 10 weeks, those who wrote about gratitude were more optimistic and felt better about their lives (source).” Since longer nights and a decrease in light cause one to be more prone to depression (and pandemic times certainly don’t help), gratitude is a very helpful mindset.

With such musings and inspired by our talented author Anesce’s last article, The Therapeutic Properties of Tea, T Ching’s owner Babette suggested that I could write a tea meditation for my Thanksgiving article.

Please, if you feel called to do so – read over the following while seated comfortably, with a heart that is open, and a hand that is holding a cup of your favorite tea. Feel free to speak the words out loud if it helps.

A Tea Gratitude Meditation

I lift this cup of tea, and gently inhale the steam. I become aware of the sweet aroma, the memories that it inspires.

As I sip, I let it roll over my tongue, down my throat. The warmth is soothing and seems to fill my soul as it expands its heat in my belly.

I reflect, and send thanks, to all of those who made this cup of tea possible. Those that picked the tea, that processed it. Those that sold the tea, and brought it to me.

I offer praise too, to the soil in which it was grown. The water in which it was steeped. The air in which the steam rises. The fire in which it was heated.

With this cup of tea, I feel the wholeness of my own existence. I am here, now. I am now, here. I have this space and this moment. I have this roof, this cup, this tea. This moment.

Cast iron teacup and saucer, resting on a carved wooden stand on an autumn-inspired tablecloth.

Whatever else this day will bring me, I accept with an open heart. I know, deep down, soul deep, that I can always return to this moment. To this bit of peace. To this cup of tea.

I breathe this steam. I sip this tea. I find peace within and without. I give thanks to this cup of tea.

Image provided and copyright held by author