Everything You Need to Know About Hohin Teapots 宝品(方瓶)

We are looking at Japanese teapots for the authentic Japanese tea experience of brewing green tea at home. One of these Japanese teapots is the Hohin, meaning “Treasure Jar” or “Treasure Bottle.”  You might be wondering why we would want to use a Hohin.  Whatever the answer is, what matters most is the resulting quality of green tea. In this article, we will discuss the Hohin teapot and what makes it so unique for brewing green tea leaves.

What is a Hohin Teapot?

Hohin is a small teapot without a handle, although some have small bump-like holders on the sides. It is usually made of porcelain. It is considered a high-end teapot designed to brew premium quality green teas like Gyokuro and Sencha.  Its size is small because you can get the full and best taste from even small amounts of premium green tea leaves.

Side view of a Hohin teapot, decorated with a floral motif

The Difference Between Hohin and Other Handleless Japanese Teapots

Hohin teapots are like a Shiboridashi teapot, except Hohin has a built-in strainer/filter holes inside before the spout. Despite the small size, the Hohin teapot’s shape is like a cup and is a bit deeper than other small Japanese handleless teapots. The deepness makes the tea leaves circulate more without having to put in too much water. There are many Hohin designs, so you can choose whatever you want for your personality and aesthetics.

Hohin Teapots Are Small; How Do I Hold It?

When brewing tea in a Hohin, you don’t need boiling water. A water temperature of 50 to 70 degrees Celsius (ideal water temperature for brewing Gyokuro) is enough to brew the tea. Putting boiling water on tea will result in a burnt taste. In addition, you cannot hold the teapot if it is too hot. To hold the Hohin teapot, hold it—including the lid—in one hand when pouring tea into the Yunomi (Japanese teacup). For Hohin with small holders, you can place your fingers there as well to hold the teapot.

Hohin Teapot Sizes

There is no specific size for a Hohin, but generally it can hold up to 180ml and weighs around 200 grams. Just a reminder that when buying a Hohin, it is recommended to buy one you can hold with one hand because some Hohin teapots are a bit big.

Top view of Hohin teapot with the lid off, showing the built-in strainer

Where to Buy a Hohin?

When ordering on Amazon, the Hohin teapots you can find are from the Tokyo Matcha Collection. There are the  Sozan beige and Sozan Red and many more. The Kiyomizu-yaki Hohin teapot has a design compared to their Sozan Hohin line. There are many Houhin teapots on eBay, although it is up to you if you want a Hohin coming from Japan or made in your country. What is important is that you like it, and it does not chip or break easily.

I recommend you get premium green tea leaves, such as Gyokuro or Sencha, a Hohin teapot, and at least 2 Yunomis so that you can bring your Japanese culture and travel adventure to your home. 

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