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One of the first things we think of when asked about drinking green tea is Japanese teaware in a Zen Garden setting. Luckily, it’s now easy to experience Japanese tea drinking at home. From choosing quality tea leaves to drinking green tea in a particular cup, we want to bring a calming—yet the most enjoyable—healthy drinking experience – alone or with people who are close to you. So let’s make our green tea and drink a moderate amount of it using a yunomi cup.

What is a Yunomi?

Yunomi is a shortened name for “Yunomi Chawan.” It is a teacup made of ceramic, porcelain, or clay and without a handle. Despite not having a handle, it’s easy to hold because the cup has an indented texture and it is either in a tubular or small bowl shape. The correct way to hold a yunomi is by holding it using your right hand and supporting from below with your left hand. Houses in Japan always have yunomi. If you already have a kyusu (Japanese teapot), it will be good to have at least two different sets of yunomi. 

We will now share the top 10 Yunomi finds on Amazon.

Kutani Yaki(ware) Yunomi Rabbit - traditional style Yunomi painted with a rabbit

Kutani Yaki(ware) Yunomi Rabbit

Kutani porcelain is a valuable kind of pottery that started during the 17th century. It displays vivid light and dark colors. The cute yet seriously artistic rabbit drawings can convince both children and adults to enjoy tea. (See on Amazon)

8 oz. Japanese Tea Cup Green Sasa by MIYA

This yunomi suits with a nature theme motif. Traditional in style, it’s a safe choice to be used in Japanese tea ceremonies. Perfect to use when you want to feel calm and concentrate while drinking tea. (See on Amazon)

Green Sasa by MIYA - Yunomi painted with stylized bamboo
Kutani yaki(ware) Yunomi Gold Plum - Yunomi resembling a plum blossom painting

Kutani Yaki(ware) Yunomi Gold Plum

This yunomi resembles the painting “Red and White Plum Blossoms” by Ogata Korin. A lovely decorative ceramic yunomi for your room décor or tea collection. Be aware that it is not safe for microwave use. But we usually don’t heat these cups in a microwave oven, so it’s still worth it to have this quality tea cup. (See on Amazon)

Cosmo Craft “Lots of Lucky Words” Yunomi

Have a piece of good luck with this yunomi! It shows many lucky charms and their names. Underrated on Amazon, it’s popular with tourists in Japan. Feel the good vibes and chill with this yunomi, and who knows – you will have good luck and better opportunities to come with good décor in modern rooms and restaurants. (See on Amazon)

Cosmo Craft ‘lots of lucky words’ - Yunomi with illustrations of lucky symbols
Mino Ware Traditional Yunomi Reed Motif Kincha Nagashi Design - Wood coloring with reed design

Mino Ware Traditional Yunomi Reed Motif Kincha Nagashi Design Set of 2

Many Japanese households use Mino-ware because of its lightness and traditional rustic Japanese style of ceramics. With the beautiful glaze design created by artisans, this set of yunomi will fit with wood-themed or traditional Japanese houses. Bring the feeling of ancient Japanese culture with this Mino-ware yunomi set. (See on Amazon)

11 Fluid Ounces Sushi Yunomi Brown and Flower Motif Set of 2

You want more tea? This yunomi set of two will surely fit your green tea lifestyle. The pastel and the dark-colored teacup duo are larger than the average yunomi. If combined, they can hold up to 300ml of water. In addition, the dark one has a rough texture while the light one has a smoother texture. (See on Amazon)

Sushi Yunomi Brown and Flower Motif - Yunomi pair, one brown the other with cherry blossom shape
Cosmo Craft Mt. Fuji Yunomi - Yunomi with stylized Mt. Fuji illustration and writing

Cosmo Craft Mt. Fuji Yunomi

It is a souvenir and, at the same time, a valuable yunomi for drinking tea or putting on display. Visiting Mt. Fuji is often part of a tourist’s itinerary when visiting Japan. So bring your memories and this quality Mt. Fuji yunomi so you can reminisce about your Japan adventure. (See on  Amazon)

Japanese Teacup Lucky Cat “Manekineko” Yunomi

The glaze on top and brown color will fit the traditional Japanese home aesthetic, and it is still microwave and dishwasher safe. This appealing lucky cat drawing might also bring you luck. Sturdy and cute to look at, this 7-ounce yunomi is the perfect size for your hands when drinking tea. (See on Amazon)

Japanese Teacup Lucky cat ‘Manekineko’ - Yunomi with stylized manekineko/‘beckoning cat’
Sushi Yunomi Authentic Mino Ware Dragon Red and Blue - Yunomi with artistic dragons

9.47 Ounces Sushi Yunomi Authentic Mino Ware Dragon Red and Blue Set of 2

The designs and textures might be different when you buy the product compared to what you see on the product listing, because each yunomi is made manually by artisans. The dragon design can especially suit traditional Japanese and Chinese aesthetics—a perfect match for a white or any plain-colored teapot. (See on Amazon)

Japanese Yunomi Tea Cup Dharma KUTANI YAKI(ware)

Dharma (traditional Japanese pronunciation: daruma) is a lucky icon we often see in Daruma dolls that people bring back from Japan. The icon is based on Bodhidharma. Now, Kutani Yaki’s Dharma Yunomi is a fantastic item to have because of its linear and bright graphics that do not quickly fade. It is sturdy and easy to hold. This is a yunomi that will still last beautifully for a long time. (See at Amazon)

Japanese Yunomi Tea Cup Dharma KUTANI YAKI(ware) - Yunomi with Daruma illustration

Let’s now make tea drinking more fun! If you have already traveled to Japan, you might already know what yunomi can fit your green tea-drinking style. However, for a complete experience it is best to make tea by also using a Kyusu. Enjoy sipping some tea in your garden, and feel stress-free.

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