Today, September 14th is National Coloring Day

And because many of us frequently celebrate by pairing a quiet and calming cup of tea, we at T Ching wanted to give a shout-out for all the coloring pages we’ve published over the last year. Some of them appear on daily posts. But most of them are PDF Downloads included in the Tea Sippers News – Weekly Digest.

Two of these are coloring pages from last Christmas and New Yea’s Day.

santa's cuppa
Coloring Page - time in a teacup

Since we began sharing all activities, including crossword puzzles, word search, matching games, party favor templates and songs with the coloring pages, we’ve heard from readers that they very much enjoy them and look forward to the new activity each week. But, in honor of National Coloring Day, we’re offering a set of four “tea people” to color. These were created for the original “Fun With Tea” teatime activity book. 

Happy Lady Teapot Coloring Page. This is one of a set of 4 coloring pages created for the "Fun With Tea" activity book.
Gallery of tea themed coloring pages available to Tea Sippers Society subscribers

Tea Coloring Pages and Activities in every edition of the Tea Sippers Weekly Digest 

These are a few of the coloring pages we’ve published in the Tea Sippers News, now a weekly digest. Every week we publish a new activity along with a summary of the five posts from the week, and information about the monthly tea prize raffle. All subscribers receive this convenient list of what we’ve published and are immediately entered into the raffle. Downloads are PDFs for you to print and and we try to provide items of interest for all ages. 

Who Creates These Holidays and Why?

In the earliest days of product holidays, there were some that were actually approved by a presidential executive order. But most of them are organized by marketing firms and used by different niche markets to promote popular products and activities . . . like coloring. And like drinking tea. Tea has its national holidays as well. For example, January is hot tea month. June is iced tea month.

But one marketing firm not only takes credit for manufacturing these PR concepts for many of their clients, they also publish a website cataloging and promoting all product holidays. On their page celebrating today’s National Coloring Day, they say:

Coloring promotes wellness

It might seem like adult coloring suddenly became popular out of nowhere. But it’s widely-known that coloring is a profoundly beneficial hobby. The activity of coloring is both creative and repetitive, allowing your mind to get absorbed in what you’re doing and let some of those high-level cognitive functions take a break. Coloring is also wordless, which lets your linguistic processes take a breather, too.

Tea Coloring Pages, a Relaxing and Healthy Hobby for All Ages

Coloring used to be an activity for children. Admittedly, we originally created “Fun With Tea” and our Tea People coloring pages for children. Tearooms who entertained family groups wanted quiet activities to entertain children at the table. But the activity has taken on new meaning and found devotees of all ages. Combining the two activities works for all ages.

We invite you to enjoy all of our activities. There’s something new every week. Subscribing to the digest brings all this tea fun directly to your email inbox. Enjoy.