This T Ching blog has been publishing 5 articles every (almost) week for 15 years. We have been recognized as one of the best tea blogs in the World Tea Expo competition and have consistently enjoyed a high Internet ranking among all tea blogs. Writers and contributors serve the broad interests of our tea community with education and entertainment. Everyone who has contributed to T Ching shares a commitment to promoting tea. But we are one of the few places where tea writers and educators can share their talents and their passions. It is only with the help of our volunteer writers and contributors that this has been possible.

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Who do we need?

  • Writers & Content Creators
  • Crossword Puzzle Testers
  • Weekly Digest Proofreaders
  • Commentators 

  • Social Media Sharer

Consider possibilities for volunteerism and then email me, [email protected] or submit your post ideas to Jaelithe Crislip at [email protected]

Writers & Content Creators

We have two categories of writers. Contributing Authors submit articles on a monthly schedule. They are featured with full profiles on their own author pages. Guest Authors do not maintain a regular publishing schedule and may contribute a single article or on an unscheduled basis. (Submission Guidelines) T Ching has several categories to which you can submit that do not require in-depth study of tea. Some of the most popular categories are Cooking With Tea, Themed Tea Parties and articles about unique tea businesses and the entrepreneurs who created them. Share your love of tea, teaware and tea culture.

Crossword Puzzle Testers

Our monthly tea-themed crosswords have become very popular but there are a lot of details that need to be checked by more than one or two people. It would be great to have 3-4 tea-loving puzzlers to solve the puzzle before publishing to our community.   (August Tea Crossword Puzzle by Judi Slack)

Weekly Digest Proofreaders

The Tea Sippers Weekly Digest features the five articles published during the previous week, the monthly tea raffle and an activity download. Each one requires considerable formatting and live links back to T Ching. We need a couple of people with an eye for detail to spot some of these problems before we send it out to our subscribers. This is usually done on Saturday afternoon and the newsletter is sent out on Sunday. 

August Tea Crossword Puzzle


One of the tools that changes our daily posts from articles to conversations is being able to add comments to posts. The authors can then respond. We then publish all comments directly on the post but also print a stream of recent comments in the sidebar of the website. 

Social Media Sharers

You can also promote your favorite authors and tea topics along with T Ching by sharing articles on your own media platforms. We would very much like a few volunteers who enjoy social media and have connections with some of the online tea groups to share and to build a greater understanding of tea and the tea lifestyle.