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You might be wondering where to put your bamboo whisk for matcha. A matcha bowl can maybe act as a whisk holder, but it’s a waste if you scratch your sentimental matcha bowl.  Your whisk will not dry in shape if it is not in a whisk holder. Keep your chasen (bamboo matcha whisk) in shape with our top whisk stand / holder finds on Amazon.

BambooMN Whisk Stand

BambooMN Matcha Tea Whisk Holder

BambooMN ensures that their whisk holders do not easily chip, making them a brand that does not sacrifice quality for quantity. In addition, each holder has a hollow in the middle to allow easy air drying and prevent build-up while aligning the newly hot-water-dipped matcha whisk. (See on Amazon)

Huansheng Ceramic Matcha Holder

This beautiful and functional wide, umbrella-shaped whisk holder is made of ceramic. Its smoothness and glossiness will make a matcha set look traditional and sophisticated. (See on Amazon)

Huansheng Whisk Stand
Aiya Whisk Stand

Aiya Traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony Matcha Whisk Holder

No more damage for whisk bristles! Just set the matcha whisk here and you can go. A perfect holder for a bigger than usual green tea whisk. (See on Amazon)

Super SW Porcelain Chasen Stand

This beautiful porcelain red and black design whisk stand is great to look at in almost all matcha sets. Each holder is individually crafted and made of high-quality ceramic. (See on Amazon)

SuperSW Whisk Stand
Shangup Whisk Stand

Shangup Ceramic Chasen Stand (Safflower)

Elegant and made of high-quality ceramic, each holder is individually handcrafted and a perfect match for Japanese tea ceremonies because of its clean and feminine style—a great choice for a larger-than-usual matcha whisk. (See on Amazon)

Artcome Matcha Ceramic Whisk Holder

Glossy and shiny, you won’t be afraid to put this in a dishwasher as it does not lose its shininess. Artcome is popular with matcha tea sets. For this one, give it a try so you can enjoy your drink after the matcha preparation. (See on Amazon)

Artcome Whisk Stand
Domatcha Whisk Stand

Domatcha Tea Whisk Stand

The difference with this tea holder compared to others is it is made of fired ceramic with a jade green color. Simple as it looks, but it can last a long time and is compatible with almost any matcha ceremonial sets. (See on Amazon)

Pacific Beverage Company Classic Bamboo Chasen

Compatible with 80- up to 200-pronged chasen, this holder suits the simple, dark-colored traditional Japanese tea sets. It does its job well, keeping the chasen in shape. In addition, it is not easy to break and can survive slight falls on the table. (See on Amazon)

Pacific Beverage Company Whisk Stand
ZenTeaLifeCom Whisk Stand

ZentealifeCom Chunmok design Chasen Stand

For non-pastel color enthusiasts who still want to see a light color on a matcha stand, this is the perfect matcha whisk holder. It can blend beautifully with bamboo or wooden matcha sets. The design helps to dry the chasen quicker than the other stands. (See on Amazon)

Maxmartt Chasen Stand

Maxmartt is a new brand on Amazon, and it is known for its electric and kitchen tools and kettle products. Their light-colored chasen holder is polished and can do its job drying and keeping the chasen shape. It does not only serve as an accessory and a stand, but also prevents mold. (See on Amazon)

Maxmartt Whisk Stand

Every tea enthusiast should try buying a matcha tea set with tea accessories of your choice. In this way, your set will be more customized to your liking. Preparing matcha is easier and more immersive when you use traditional methods and tools, including whisk holders.

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