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Every year 627,000 people in America start their own small business. For a business to really thrive, it needs to be something that you are completely passionate about. You also need to have a good idea with a unique selling point (USP) that will set you apart from your competitors. If you have a passion for tea, you can make a profitable income selling your own tea blends. You just need to plan carefully, organize your finances, and be able to share your love of tea with others so that they want to keep coming back as regular customers.

What do I Need to Make My Tea Blends?

Making your own tea blends is a simple business idea that you can get off the ground from your kitchen using commercial food preparation equipment, like a dehydrator for herbs. A dehydrator will save you time and money as it is cheaper than leaving your oven on low for many hours. A small dehydrator can fit on a countertop – you don’t need to buy large-scale equipment for a kitchen business. You will also need a food processor to chop and shred your dried herbs. Once your tea blend is finished, you will need to consider how you are going to package and sell your tea in a way that makes it easy to use.

A cup of tea and saucer on a table next to a stained page and some fresh herbs for tea blending

Finding Your Tea USP

You have the opportunity to be innovative when you are deciding which herbs and flowers you are going to use for your tea blends. Different and unique combinations will set you apart from other tea businesses and customers will come back time and again for that special taste. Spend plenty of time testing different combinations of flowers, herbs, and spices and look out for new and innovative ingredients. You may find that it helps taking inspiration from all over the world, as every culture has a love for tea. You will also need to consider how your tea is going to be presented and served – will it be a hot or cold brew? Is it loose leaf or in a bag?

Marketing Your Tea

When you are marketing your tea, social media is one of the quickest and easiest ways to create a solid following. You can link up and communicate with other tea fans and talk about your new business. Social media will also give you the opportunity to inject your own personality and philosophy into your business. Taking your tea to farmers markets is a good way of marketing your business locally, and you can give people the opportunity to taste-test your tea blend before they buy. This is a good method to develop customer loyalty and get product feedback.

Making your own tea blends is a simple process that can be turned into a thriving business. You can share your favorite tastes and flavors with the world, and soon they will love tea as much as you.

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