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Tea company owner/barista demonstrates easy, mistake-proof way to brew loose tea for hot or iced tea.  (Read more about or purchase the luscious Tropical Black tea Diane makes in the video.)

In this video, Diane shows why brewing loose leaf tea is so simple, fun, and rewarding that anyone will want to try it!  Tea bags are made from the ‘dust’ or ‘fannings’ that fall to the bottom of the sieving process that tea leaves are put through.  They are the lowest grade of tea and have none of the quality or beautiful flavor of real loose tea.  Big tea companies put their dust-filled bags into pretty packages and sell them en masse for what amounts to the same cost to you per cup as using quality loose tea.

The ‘two travel tumbler’ technique Diane demonstrates is one she uses herself at home and came about after working with tea on a daily basis for over a decade. The insulated tumblers keep the tea at the perfect, stable temperature while brewing and then keep the iced or hot tea fresh and delicious for hours.  There are no messy sachets or tea bags to dispose of.

If you’ve paid $2, $3, or more for a 20- to 24-ounce iced tea, you can make it more deliciously and for a fraction of the cost by purchasing loose-leaf tea and brewing it at home. If you’ve watched that bag or sachet floating in your cup, you’ll appreciate freshly-brewed tea which is perfectly steeped and won’t get bitter as the bag keeps infusing after you leave the retail store or cafe.  

Cleaning is a breeze and loose tea can often be infused more than once, giving you even more bang for your buck.  If you’ve been intimidated by loose tea, now is the time to jump in and give it a go.  You’ll never want to drink tea bag tea again.

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