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We can whisk and mix the matcha powder in our cups and bowls. However, our bowls might get scratched if we often prepare our green tea that way. Aside from that, some of the powder will be left unwhisked, and it’s a different experience if we traditionally serve tea – like you are having a calm moment. So, let’s dive into the best matcha bowls that are on Amazon.

Yamakiikai Matcha Bowl

Yamakiikai Matcha Bowl 

This matcha bowl with a deep-sea pattern is wide and deep. The painted design looks like the sky, deep sea, and grass. You might not be able to get over the details of this beautiful Japanese bowl.

Minoyaki Porcelain Wabisabi Matcha Bowl

Minoyaki Porcelain Wabisabi Matcha Bowl

Hand-crafted in Japan, this Mino Ware Wabisabi bowl is easy to hold with one hand.  It is made in Gifu Prefecture, which is known as Japan’s largest ceramic producer. In 1978, this traditional handmade bowl was certified by the Ministry of International Trade and Industry (now Ministry of Economic, Trade and Industry) as a traditional craft product.

Elitea Matcha Bowl

Elitea Matcha Green Tea Bowl

The traditional-looking handcrafted matcha bowl with innovative design. It is easy to pour matcha after whisking because of the spout. Since the size is large enough for two or more people, and it does not spill tea easily (no pun intended), you will surely like it; and it’s made in high quality with no harmful substances. A true Elitea!

MatchaDNA Matcha Bowl

MatchaDNA Handcrafted Matcha Tea Bowl

The perfect bowl for whisking matcha or green tea powder, MatchaDNA takes pride in making high-quality, careful-workmanship handmade bowls. It is just the right size for green tea preparation.

Domatcha Ceremonial Matcha Bowl

DoMatcha Ceremonial Bowl

With mesmerizing, beautiful, dark ocean art, you can imagine that you are in a tea ceremony while preparing your drink. It is beautiful and functional because there is enough room to whisk and drink matcha.

Hautall Traditional Matcha Bowl

Hautall Traditional Matcha Tea Bowl

With a 4.5-inch diameter and 2.7-inch height, this high-quality hand-crafted tea bowl is the perfect size for whisking and holding tea. The good thing is they are confident that their matcha bowl is made of high-quality materials to the point that they have a customer care where they offer a prompt refund or replacement in case the buyer did not like the product.

Match Bowl Rabbit Kutani

Japanese Matcha Bowl Rabbit Kutani Ware

It is made in Kutani (currently Kaga in Ishikawa Prefecture), where pottery has been famous since 1655. The beautiful hopping rabbits-designed bowl does not quickly fade and chip. It makes tea-making elegant and luxurious.

Maple Kitty Mino Pottery Matcha Bowl

Maple Kitty Mino Japanese Pottery Style Bowl

Also produced in Gifu Prefecture, this matcha bowl is handcrafted and has a traditional style with more colors than the usual matcha bowl. You can feel the handmade texture of the bowl. Each bowl is unique and is slightly different from other bowls made in the same style. It is high-grade and lead-free to ensure the tea drinker’s safety.

Mino Ware Matcha Bowl

Mino Ware Handcrafted Matcha Tea Bowl

Mino Ware is made of porcelain and is used on most tableware in Japan. It is the perfect size for tea drinking and can also be held with one hand. Craving for matcha? Get this bowl, and it will surely remind you of your tea experience in Japan.

Say Ho Um Matcha Bowl

SAY HO UM Matcha Tea Bowl

The uniquely-shaped matcha bowl will make matcha whisking effortless. The same width diameter of the bowl’s top and bottom will help you not be tired easily while preparing matcha. The look is perfect for traditional tea ceremonies. This matcha bowl is the best when it comes to frothing green tea while moving your wrist freely in a zig-zag motion.

We hope that at least one of these bowls will inspire you to make green tea in a traditional way. Feel the beauty of the serene Zen garden and the rich taste of matcha in the comforts of your home.

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